This podcast mini-class we dive into how you get unstuck, transform your mind, your spirituality, and your life from this constant mind struggle.

If you’ve been feeling trapped in a loop of mental challenges and you want to break free, this episode is the one for you. 

What You’ll Learn in this Podcast:

  1. How to nurture your spiritual immune system.
  2. How and what to master to ensure opportunities open up for you.
  3. Understanding Shifaa in the Quran, a cure and solution. 
  4. Creating change in life,and overcoming mind struggles.

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Untangling Mind Struggles That Keep us Stuck 

In the Science of the Nafs, we understand that the mind is your heart.

The heart is what the Prophet (saw) described to us and spoken of its importance, when He (saw) said:

أَلاَ وَإِنَّ فِي الْجَسَدِ مُضْغَةً إِذَا صَلَحَتْ صَلَحَ الْجَسَدُ كُلُّهُ، وَإِذَا فَسَدَتْ فَسَدَ الْجَسَدُ كُلُّهُ‏.‏ أَلاَ وَهِيَ الْقَلْبُ ‏

“Beware! There is a piece of flesh in the body. If it becomes good (reformed) the whole body becomes good, but if it gets spoilt the whole body gets spoilt, verily that is the heart.”

This piece of flesh that the Prophet (saw) emphasised the importance of, let’s call it the control centre. If its programming is good and sound, then your whole life is going to be good and sound. The opposite is also true.

So, when you’re able to focus on the mind and clear it of all the mental challenges, these mental barriers that we put up, then at this point you can actually begin to change your life.

The foundation of this Nafs Transformation journey lies in the Revelation, the Quran and Sunnah. When you’re able to interpret it through the lens of the Science of the Nafs, then this gives you profound insights into what’s really going on.

Our mind plays a pivotal role in our life experiences, in our results we get in life.

Let’s say you’re feeling awful. You wake up one morning or at some point in your day or night and you’ve got this awful feeling in the pit of your stomach. 

Now, you may be thinking it’s because of your circumstances, because of the people around you, the toxic environment perhaps.

However, by doing that, immediately, we actually lose control of the entire situation, because we can’t control what’s outside of us.

Feeling awful or trapped isn’t simply a result of external circumstances; it emanates from within, that is the starting point of these feelings. When you understand this, you begin to reclaim control over your experiences, reactions and results.

Look at it this way. Just as your body has an immune system to protect you physically, your Fitrah serves as a spiritual immune system.

The Fitrah is something that is within you. It’s your natural disposition. When things go wrong, then the Fitrah kicks in, and it realigns you with the source of your well-being, and that is Allah (swt). 

This is why I call it the spiritual immune system.

The Prophet (saw) said that if you gain mastery of your heart, this mind of yours, then your whole life is going to change, your whole life will begin to transform. 

Everything about your life is going to change. Opportunities begin to open up to you. Things you thought were impossible all of a sudden become possible. 

Allah (swt) said about His Revelation, the Quran, that it is “Shifaa’un Lima fi’sudoor.”  It’s a cure for the heart’s ailments.

You just need to understand how to use it, then everything in your life changes.

Most of us know and understand this, yet we struggle to actualise it in our lives. I know this from my own life’s experience. When you’re stuck for long periods of time, in this state of challenge or struggle, be it in the real world, or be it in your mind, you’re impacted in all areas of your life, both personal and professional.

It impacts you in your Salah and your connection to Allah. You feel this sense of disconnectedness, you feel unsupported, and we have all of these negative thoughts constantly making the rounds in our mind. 

But there’s a simple solution. 

Allah (swt) tells us in Surah Ar Ra’d, verse 11,

“Allah will not change what’s outside of you until they change what is within them.”

Allah (swt) emphasises in this ayah that any external changes follow from internal shifts first and foremost. 

When we take control of what’s within us, actually using our God-given abilities and the power to change that, then everything outside of us is going to change. Because Allah (swt) will make it happen as He (swt) has promised.

You don’t have to be stuck in challenges forever; you have the power to create change.

It begins with understanding your gateway to profound transformation begins with you. It begins with your God-given power for internal change.

If you apply, the Science of the Nafs transformation programme into your life, it’s going to help you to change areas of your life you thought were damaged beyond repair inshaAllah. 

Follow it, do it, act upon it, live it!

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