A common truth for many of us is that we engage in sabotage behaviours unknowingly, causing us to struggle with self-motivation. 

In this episode, we dig into the science behind self-sabotage, how it affects our lives and relationships, and how to overcome it all, as it’s a huge stumbling block to our overall wellbeing, happiness and contentment in life

What You’ll Learn in this Podcast:

  1. How to bounce back and self-motivate after you’ve sabotaged yourself.
  2. Understand why you become demotivated.
  3. The key steps you need to take to resolve it all.
  4. How to navigate your newly discovered power.

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The Path from Sabotage to Self-Motivation

Very often, most of us don’t realise it’s happening, and miss the fact that we have some power over the change because we’re forever focused on the wrong things. 

We outsource the blame, responsibility and the power of change to other people, circumstances, and everything around us. 

By doing that, we actually lose the ability to do something about it and this is the very reason it recurs over and over again. 

The key to unlocking the solution is to gain awareness. However, the first step in awareness, we’ll be tempted to run as you won’t to struggle with the feelings that come from the self-inflicted mind mess that you create after realising. 

We become our own worst critics and this can be really difficult to process because you give yourself such a hard time. 

This is one of the core reasons why we keep ourselves busy, or distracted with lots of different things in our lives, be it holidays, shopping, eating, overworking, overexercising, or whatever it is.

Rather than fleeing from the discomfort of awareness, we should use it as a stepping stone towards growth.

Resolving it is twofold. This first step is seeing what’s happening without any judgement. 

The second step is making a decision to change the mental map that leads you to self-sabotage.

Make a choice to step into your life, over the fear, and over the problems, so that you can create whatever you want, without the need to sabotage yourself.

Most of the time we talk ourselves out of a situation and into what we call a “safe zone”, or “comfort zone”. 

But the comfort zone is not so comfortable at all. It’s more of a stuck zone. 

On the other hand, the discomfort that comes with change and growth is uncomfortable but it comes with excitement, love, flourishing, and truly actualising your potential in life. 

Allah (swt) has given us all of this. So slow down a bit, and don’t sabotage yourself. 

Slow down and step into the power Allah has given you to shape your own life and overcome self-imposed limitations.

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