THE NAFS TRANSFORMS YOUR LIFE & MIND : No More Fear anxiety and Overwhelm



What do you do when your feelings spiral out of control, where you have to either withdraw from the people around you,

You end up tryingto control the thoughts you have, Control the people around you and you withdraw from going places, seeing people, and any situation that you feel will trigger you?

Do you battle on whilst you feel like inside you feel so weak and lacking?  You tell yourself you have to keep it together, so you over work, over exert your efforts, over react and feel like you’re constantly on edge.

When this happens you can often be in a state of high alert, with stressed about of what is going to happen.

Anxiety, guilt, resentment and frustration is just some of the feelings we end up experiencing. It’s normal to experience it now and again, but to be in a constant state of worry, fear and anxiety reduces your freedom to actually enjoy life.

It impacts your relationships with family members, husband and wife fall into conflict, parent and child struggle.  You can end up feeling a lot of guilt, anger and sadness all at once because your child can pick up your behaviour and thought patterns.

WHY IS IT HAPPENING TO ME?  that’s the wrong question and it will send you into a spiral down, feeling low and insecure about yourself and disconnected.

A BETTER QUESTION TO GET YOU TO A FASTER SOLUTION IS WHAT CAN I DO NOW TO HELP MYSELF ?  You can do a lot insha’Allah. The most powerful thing you have is to understand your mind, emotions and life through the lense of the divine guidance.



Imagine you know exactly what makes you feel so fearful. You could pin down the exact cause without constantly trying everything to solve it, only to get a temporary fix.

In this program we don’t do temporary fixes. You will spend 12 weeks mastering your mind, then you’ll build life the way you want it.

WHAT WOULD YOUR LIFE BE LIKE without the feelings you so struggle with. The Result would be freedom to live without fear and worry.

It would change the way you’re feeling and the impact your mental health has had on your physical life.  Many of the students on this program suffered from so many different physical symptoms because of the emotional stress their mind had put on their body.

If you live with emotional stress for long enough, it impacts your whole life, spiritual disconnection, mental meltdown, physical exhaustion and pain.

The key to relieving this is to change the way your mind is operating and take control of that instead of taking control of the world around you.

You know how hard it is to control people and situations. We have limited, if any control of others and what’s outside of us. That’s why we end up withdrawing.

You don’t have to do that any more.

BECOME THE BEST YOU: the person you love to be, live life being able to get excited about your day to day life. Have self compassion, re-ignite your passion for life, not just hard work.

STOP LIVING FROM A PLACE OF FEAR: No more constant emotional highs and lows. If you struggle to connect to Allah, learn how to feel spiritually connected and feel Safe despite uncertainty in your life.

GET UNSTUCK AND STAY UNSTUCK: Begin your spiritual and mental healing and then grow your life exponentially with confidence and self belief. Grow from a place you love and not being driven by fear and worries.

CREATE LOVING RELATIONSHIPS: Learn why you struggle with your Marriage, Parenting or Relationships  and what you can do immediately to really change this permanently. 

CONNECT TO ALLAH & LEARN HOW TO GET RID OF STRESS: by learning where it is all coming from and how real lasting change can happen for you even if it’s taken you many many years of being stuck in constant stress.

STOP ANXIETY AND PANIC: from ruining your day to day experience, learn how to resolve it and live in peace again.

REACH YOUR GOALS & OVERCOME YOUR OBSTACLES:  especially if you’ve tried everything and every year you try and you just cannot overcome your obstacles year on year.

STOP THE BOREDOM AND ROUTINE YOU HATE: if you feel like surely this can’t be how life’s meant to be, I want so much more.

STOP YOUR MONEY WORRIES FOREVER: Stop the internal challenges that block you from your earning potential. Why is it happening to you.

LEARN HOW TO GET YOUR DUAS ANSWERED win in this Life and the Akhira, Learn why you don’t have to miss out on either & how to get balance.

Get the Mentoring Coaching and Breakthroughs that unlock life

 This PROGRAM works for you:  

Because you’re are not willing to wait anymore, and you don’t want emotional baggage or your obstacles holding you back from your life.

You want to love the way you feel and get excited about life?  this is the Easiest, Simplest and the most affective journey you’re about to take.

A life transformation journey that begins with changing the things you struggle with the most first insha’Allah and create the life you love.

If you’ve been held back by the struggles and obstacles in your life, even if it’s the past trauma you experienced or the constant anxious worrying about what the future holds for you, this immersion will get the ball rolling in your life for true transformation and change.

This program is for YOU because you’ve been searching for direction and help to solve the most difficult problems, with a proven process to get closely connected to Allah.

We will create a connnection where you can begin to get real lasting healing, a real solution to your challenges every day.

You’re busy but you want to create your ease and freedom to achieve your Goals and dreams without the Perfectionism, Self sabaotage or Fear of failure.

No more procrastination, No more Constant Negativity, NO more searching endless Youtube motivational videos, Courses or even years of therapy. It’s a simple solution by the permission of Allah.

The biggest thing holding most people back is their own fears and doubts, the self sabotage and constant inner critic.

Learn how to take control of your own destiny by aligning yourself to the Divine Principles of the Quranic Science of the Nafs.

You’re ready to Declutter your mind, trust yourself and become confident by cleaning up your thinking so it doesn’t stop you.

This is for you Now ! You’re READY for real growth and development and you’re not going to put your life off any longer insha’Allah.

FARIA says: The journey with the Science of the Nafs has been a true “game changer” for me.  I was living in fear and not only did this teach me about myself and the power that Allah has given me, it gave me an invaluable insight in to the mind and behaviours of others, allowing me to develop relationships from a place compassion and mercy. This has manifested itself the most in my marriage and parenting which have transformed beyond recognition.



Overcoming your greatest obstacles will be found in your Spiritual re-alignmen to Allah swt through the Quran and Sunnah. In just 30 to 60 with the Quranic Reflections your spiritual and mental calm transforms your day to day life insha’Allah.


Overcome the Anxiety, Sadness,  and Overwhelm by following a proven step by step process to take care of your mental and emotional needs. You will learn to take control of Heart and Mind so you can deal with any challenge.


Stop struggling with family, especially husband-wife, with Children and parents and in-laws. Learn to connect in a way that builds, mend and transform your relationships. If you stay in blame, anger, sadness and guilt it just makes it worse. Change it forever insha’Allah.


In just 1 year on this program and grow beyond anything you thought possible. Build your beliefs, confidence and empowered with your new found strengths and abilities achieve any dream goals without fear of failure.


Follow a proven process to overcome the tendency to react and create results you don’t like. Stop running from your life, hiding, worrying or just allowing fear to ruin your opportunities in life. You will stop putting things off by learning how to manage your mind & emotions insha’Allah.


Overcoming the Motivation and confidence and self doubt challenges will help you step into your life and create impossible goals and dreams you didn’t think where possible. Using the Quranic Science of the Nafs to guide your whole life journey.

This is the opportunity to finally take control of your mind, emotions, relationships and life.

You will learn tools from the Quranic Science of the Nafs psychology, this will empower you overcome the obstacles that hold you back from the life you want.

You will learn life skills that help you to transform your relationships, your Mental and Spirtual health and of course you’ll learn how to live an abundant life.

What you get..


Powerful group coaching ! Bring anything you’re struggling with as you go through the transformation. Get coached, your questions answered or watch the tools you’re learning being used to solve the very challenges and growth obstacles you have. Weekly Call Replays will be available.


Monthly we will cover the very Topics / Areas of life you are covering in your journey. This is an interactive workshop where you can get feedback and mentoring and support you need to make the transition from where you are currently to where you want to get to.


Live Quranic Tafsir Reflections / Understanding how to practically live it. This is the most practical and application based understanding of the Quran you’ll ever study. It’s focus is 100% Life transformation through revelation.


Immediate Access to RoadMap of Programs where you learn every tool you’ll ever need to transform your life and take ownership of Mind, Emotions and Relationships.  You will learn to Coach Your Own MIND in Transformation taught through Quranic Principles.


Get the coaching you need to transform your life. You can bring any challenge and get personalised direct help on your challenges. Use the Coaching and the workshops to get feedback as you progress through your life.


This Coaching program is unlike anything else out there. You pay ONCE and you have access to the Calls, Coaching and trainings as long as you’d like. That means you can go through the program transforming every part of your life without worrying about time running out. NO Renewal fees or Subscriptions.

LAURA Says: I was at a really low point in life and was unable to get myself out but Allaah brought this as a blessing.  Alhamdullilaah so grateful to you and I always implement as much as I can from every single session as it is a blessing.  My emotions are no way near as fluctuating as before and the extreme highs and lows have gone. The practical ways to implement what I’m learning has helped me control my perfectionism. My home life has much improved and also my family relations too Alhamdullilaah


Invest 1 hour a week to join Live Coaching Call and just 15 minutes a day going over the ROADMAP for creating the life you want. You will transform your life over the course of this year program insha’Allah.

Monthly you will have access to Monthly topic based Coaching Classes and workshops, Spiritual Transformation with Quranic Tafsir Reflections, Weekly Live Coaching & Q&A sessions.

You will go through a life transforming Curriculum we call the Nafs ROADMAP.

Access to the ROADMAP of Courses will cover different topics that include the following subjects and a lot more insha’Allah. 



Insha’Allah by the time you go through this journey you will feel inner peace, know how to live for the best life, deal with Anxiety, Sadness, Frustration and overwhelm. Create True Calm.


If you’ve struggled for years with obstacles that never go away you will get the chance to overcome that permanently insha’Allah.


Where the struggle comes from and how you can change that. We will tap into the Quranic guidance on how to create loving relationships in your life.


If you are constantly worried about your financial situation, your on edge and feeling frustrated we will learn how to solve that and from where you can create the money freedom and abundance.


Learn how to achieve and accomplish in life and what’s been stopping you. Find out the easy way to make life happen and accomplish things you’ve so far just dreamt of.


This is the Most important one. Find out why you struggle to connect to Allah in the deepest sense and Create indestructible connection in life.

Imagine your dream life begins today…

 You find a true connection to Allah and your dreams,  your Marriage, Career, health and relationships begin to take a turn for the better..

You realise what you’re missing and start working on filling the gaps in your life and watch life transform.

The struggles you found yourself seem to be the only obstacles and you get started on getting rid of them for real peace.

You finally understand what Allah means by contentment in the Quran.

You learn to focus on Dunya & Akhira without being overwhelmed by how much you have to do.

No more overwhelm, no more procrastination just by understanding the missing link in your life.

What if you could learn to just Love life and feel excitement and passion about your life.

You only need one guiding map… the Quranic Science of the Nafs

SULEFA B Says: This was an answer to my Dua, I struggled with myself for so long, sadness, fear and low self worth. I wish I had found this a long time ago but I’m grateful Allah swt blessed me with this journey now. My life has changed, I’m doing things I never imagined in a million years. My Dua has been answered alhamdulilah.

 Create a Life YOu LOve

  YOur Coach & Mentor

Ustadh Abdul Shahid

 Mind Health & Emotional Mastery Expert and  Master Coach Instructor and Therapist in The Science of the Nafs, the Quranic Psychology model for healing and life transformation.

Having taught and trained hundreds of people over the years, my experience has taught me that You need to mentor and coach to get real results.

 Personal & Business Coach, Therapist and and Trainer with a Background and expertise in helping people with deep personal and commercial transformation.

In my own personal Journey I have spent the last 20 years seeking knowledge, teaching and mentoring individuals like yourself. Travelled and lived in Egypt and Saudi Arabia studying the various sciences through the Islamic seminary of Al Azhar. On return to the UK I founded The Muslim Life Coach Institute.

Founder & Master Coach Instructor of the ILMU NAFS Divine Principles Therapy & Coaching  framework.


The Only Coaching and therapy model in the world that is based on the Science of the Nafs Psychology.




You have multiple other Live Calls you can attend during the week if you’d like extra. So attend once a week or as many times as you’d like insha’Allah.

MISS NOTHING with Live Call Replay access 24/7.

 OPEN 25 JUNE to 1 July

The Nafs transformation program is for you when you’ve tried the self help avenues and you’re ready to make Real change happen. There is nothing like this anywhere in the world.

Now with a special Offer of LIFETIME ACCESS. Once you’re in you get unlimited Coaching for as long as you need. There is no renewal fees after a year, so you can use the program to transform every area of your life insha’Allah.

This premium Coaching and Life mentoring program is the most Comprehensive life upgrade based on The Science of the Nafs, Quran and Sunnah based framework. 

Get weekly Live Coaching and a RoadMap of Courses to transform life, spiritual, psychological and material.

Monthly Pay £297 GBP for 11 monthly instalments ~ Lifetime Access

One time payment £2,700 GBP for Lifetime Access

STUDENT Experience on the Program:

It’s all so valuable I appreciate it every day. My relationships with Allah, myself, and my family, especially with my husband are at another level, and I enjoy every moment of life. What else could we want?

Fauzia H

It blows my mind how much I can do, I just want to say JazakAllahu khair for everything. I love how this helps you in your connection to Allah AND to living a thriving life, wholistic wellness, mental and physical health is so relevant. I’m so excited for others because when this is embraced it’s one of the best things to ever happen to you.  What I’ve experienced so far, I could never have imagined. This is so realistic and real. There’s nothing out there like this and I love the chilled laid back vibe, but mostly I think looking back for me, I could not have known where this would go.  Everything for me changed from insights and actions we take. Everything you spoke about at the beginning, it all came to pass and that in itself doesn’t normally happen in life, but with this program it has.  I’ve grown so much and I can’t put into words how much hope it’s given me, how much inspiration it’s given me. I could go on and on for hours because it’s so awesome, just everything in it is amazing Alhamdulilah. I never want to miss out on any of it, Alhamdulilah. Shukran from the bottom of my heart.

Sumayah P

The program has propelled me to elevate my life and Create new habits. My emotions no longer take hostage over me.  Alhamdulilah feeling confident and optimistic. I’m embracing the journey and loving it. Thank you.

Sophia S

Before starting my journey, I found myself making the same mistakes over and over again. I had trouble in my relationships with both family and friends and at times felt very alone, as if no one understood me. I would constantly strive to please others, thinking that it was the only way to maintain the bonds of kinship and close friends, but would often find myself feeling left out, unappreciated and at times a burden to others.  Well I no longer feel this way Alhamdulillah and it’s not becuase people around me have changed, I have changed. I feel free.

Muhammad A

Being on the programme has helped me take ownership of my mental health and work on real solutions. It has also opened my eyes to a world of possibility and to the fact that I can achieve my dreams.I have recommended the programme to countless people as it is simple and straight forward.



You may be wondering still and here are some common questions and answers.



This is revelation based, it works for everyone. If you’re intent on getting past your challenges and obstacles and ready to do it, this is about actual life change, not just more information and learning.

This process of tranforming your life can take between 3 months to a year, even if you’ve had the challenge for years. This is why the program is 12 months to make your changes sustainable ones and to give you the support you need in Coaching Q&A calls and workshops.  If you get stuck with anything you can come to Coaching Q&A Calls and get personalised help on anything you like.


The program is completely flexible, because if you’re anything like me you’re busy with work,life and family.  If you put in 1 hour a week to get coached or watch Coaching Classes / workshops and spend 15 minutes a day in going through the RoadMap. It will help you transform in all areas of your life over the course of the year.

This program is designed to suit a busy lifestyle and most students are busy with their professional and personal lives and family. So It will be like the gym of your mind and heart.


50% of the students watch Live Calls on REPLAY. It’s so convenient. You can pop into your members portal anytime and watch the Live Replays that are relevant to you. The program has a Clear structure to follow, and people will follow the ROADMAP we’ve set up to give you success. So won’t miss a thing and always have LIVE Replays and it’s all organised by  topic.


Absolutely, it will help you BOTH personally and professionally  insha’Allah. This will get you on the road to unlocking your mind and show up with Confidence in life and business inshaAllah. Most of all you’ll find this unblocks you in your own obstacles that are preventing you from progress.


Absolutely, The Science of the Nafs is therapy, Counselling and Coaching wrapped in one. This is the Quranic way of dealing without therapeutic needs. Many of the students benefiting have already tried traditional counselling and therapy. The simple reason this works for people is that Allah swt is the one who designed human. He swt knows best their needs and how to heal us.  You will benefit immensley regardless of what you have tried previously. Most students find that this is what they’ve searched for their whole lives. Insha’Allah you’ll find what you need.

Monthly Pay: £297 GBP for 11 Monthly instalments ~ Lifetime Access.

One time payment £2,700 GBP for Lifetime Access