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DREAM LIFE:  MIND, EMOTIONAL HEALTH & RELATIONSHIPS TRANSFORM – this is the one thing we all need to help us feel connected to Allah, secure, and empowered so that we can handle everything and create true Trust, Reliance and Peace.

This holy month begin a journey of growth and build your life success with the Nafs transformation tools, everything you need insha’Allah.

In the next 12 weeks your life will change.

The students in this program all say ‘I’ve been looking for this my whole life’. We train you to master Self Coaching with Nafs tools to take total control of mental, emotional health and taking Actions without being stuck.

If you struggle to switch off your mind, feel like you are overwhelmed with things to do, struggle to achieve what you want, reactive in behaviour, and struggle with people as a result. You can solve it.

It’s time to take ownership of life using your Mind, Inner strength and actions.

Starting this Ramadan begin Living a better life with:

~ Mastering Your Connection to Allah swt.

~ Stop the Anxiety and Overwhelm

~ Master Mental and Emotional health

~ Take actions that produce calm and results you want

~ No more feeling Overwhelmed, Angry and fed up

~ Stop feeling burnout and fatigued with life.

~ Build Relationships that change how you feel daily.

~ Then Make Money without the mental blocks that sabotage you.

~ Time Management that will unlock your life

You can do all of this by mastering the Quranic Science of the Nafs method of Self Coaching and Life Coaching skills I’ll train you on.

You don’t have to be a Coach, you don’t even have to have any prior knowledge and the best thing is your Coaching skills will become exceptional. 

You were created to be the leader of your life, Allah swt has given you the power to master your mind, Inner strength and power.

Science of the Nafs Coaching and Personal Mastery will help you master life, Relationships and Money. It’s faith, Confidence, certainty and Actions that shape life.

The journey with the Science of the Nafs has been a true “game changer” for me.  I was living in fear and not only did this teach me about myself and the power that Allah has given me, it gave me an invaluable insight in to the mind and behaviours of others, allowing me to develop relationships from a place compassion and mercy. This has manifested itself the most in my marriage and parenting which have transformed beyond recognition.

FARIA, Manager / Accountant

Welcome to The Muslim Life Coach & Business School


Build a life with Mental Calm,  Become the best You, the best Relationships and Take Massive Action.

This is a Community of Coaches, teachers, lawyers,  Doctors, business owners, Therapist, home schooling parents, the lot. You are not alone.

Every ambitious Muslim needs to master the Science of the Nafs Coaching whether you’re a Coach or not. It’s a simple way to guarantee your life results.

Imagine a Mind and Life that you shape by choice, with a set of Divine designed (Quranic) step by step tools where you take control of shaping your current life and future and stop feeling exhausted.

You invest 2 to 3 Hours a week into Your life growth, You will unlock your Mind, Relationships and overcome obstacles faster than ever before.

Create Deep Connection of safety, reliance and Calm. No self doubt and fear.

Transform the 4 Areas of Your Life:

1. Connection to Allah swt that will set you free from feeling Alone, Unsupported and plagued with Fears and Uncertainty. You’ll tap into your greatest potential with Faith, Reliance and Trust.


2. Unlock your Mind and Emotional health. Change how you feel daily, no more highs and lows that keep you stuck. You’ll love life insha’Allah.


3. Relationship and Behaviour Change you love. Change the way you connect to people, your life will change. It’s love, joy and fun while you connect to people.

Marriage, Parenting and all relationships become amazing by the power you create to change it all.


4. Business & Money Results. Peak Performance without burnout, all for Results you actually want. You’ll get to actualise your ambitions and goals while you change as a person. No more procrastinating or getting stuck in overworking.

You can raise your family, build your career or business, and do it without sacrificing your mind and emotional health.

Unlock your true potential and both your Personal life and Business / Career will flourish insha’Allah. You know this is the key. 

The Science of the Nafs School of Life & Business is the Answer !

It works ! No Self doubt and So Confident.  I had tons of ideas and I struggled to get it to inception before taking this training.  I knew I would go deep into thoughts and feelings, self doubt even though it doesn’t seem like it on the outside. I’ve become confident, and I know what it takes to make it happen. Commitment to change is everything and it’s almost like a reprogramming your mind. Once you do it, the results are so much better than you would have ever got previously. It’s powerful and it works.  It’s helped me so much in in my personal life and my business relationships. 

Juneid, Educational Leader & Coach

 “My life changed, I changed”I was listening to ‘Get unstuck and love your life’ and I wondered how long I’d been on this journey and so went back to look – it’s been 5months!!!! OMG, how my life has changed, I’ve changed. I realise how blessed I am on every level of my life and it’s taken this course to help me realise. I feel as if I’ve found a treasure hidden deep inside me – that Gem you mentioned 🙂

NASREEN BHATTI, Lead Project Manager


Follow a Step by Step Self Paced Roadmap for Building your Life the way you want it, and get Weekly Live Coaching Workshops.   

Myself and my team of Certified Nafs Coaches will train and mentor you on achieving your dream goals without compromising your wellbeing insha’Allah.


    1. Your Connection with Allah swt. It’s the key to your Peace and Purposeful life !

    2. Mastering Your Mind and Emotions – It shapes your quality of life.

    3. Relationships – Marriage, Parenting, Work related -Healing, Developing and Loving.

   4. Behaviour Transformation – Create healthy Productivity and get more done.

    5. Money and Business – Unlock your blocks and whatever is holding you back.

    6. Creating Time Freedom for the Results you really love to have in your life.

This is the most normal, yet the most profound growth journey you’ll ever make. You’ll overcome all self sabotage and know exactly what to do to solve it. 

The Science of the Nafs guidance and mentorship gives you everything to succeed without overworking. 

If you’re sick of looking for a solution, trying to figure it out, YOU CAN STOP, THIS IS IT.

Healing doesn’t take forever and mental and emotional transformation is the same no matter how long you’ve been stuck.

The Quranic Science is always the answer to the human challenges we face. We help you to lead yourself, so you can lead your family and lead your business.

My relationships have changes, my wife thinks I should have joined years ago.  Alhamdulilah there is nothing like this in the muslim space and I’m grateful I found it. The Roadmap has been my go to for a solid year and it’s really changed my life and how I interact at work. I was living in chronic stress and anxiety and didn’t even know what was happening. It’s helped my understand my staff, my wife and really understand how to live without sabotaging myself.  My connection with Allah has transformed with my mind alhamdulilah.

Muhammad K. Business Owner

The program has propelled me to elevate my life and Create new habits. My emotions no longer take hostage over me.  Alhamdulilah feeling confident and optimistic. I’m embracing the journey and loving it. Thank YouSophia S – Health Coach


On-Demand Training & Mentoring to Live An Extraordinary Life


  • Change your state of mind, stop Negativity from consuming you.
  • Get into Possibility state of mind where you look forward to your future.
  • Stop you from being mentaly stuck for days, months and years.
  • Learn to lead your life by using your mind and create your life on purpose.


  • Stop getting stuck in Anger, Anxiety and resentment. The 3 Destructive emotions.
  • Stop the Constant highs and lows so you can create results you want.
  • Learn to build Motivation consistently with a proven step by step process .
  • Make positive emotions your norm for a change. 


  • You get a proven process to stop Self sabotage and Burnout behaviours.
  • Create results you love when you stop fear of failure and Procrastination
  • Become an action taker that loves moving forward.
  • Master productivity by overcoming the obstacles and create Results.


  • Master the skill of Confidence and become independent.
  • Build Self belief that grows and makes you happy with your life.
  • Calm confidence will help you live a life of Purpose.
  • Learn to tap into this inner power Allah blessed you with and get empowered fast.


  • You’ll learn to repair and build Relationships with simple.
  • Turn difficult Children into loving and connected family.
  • Stop the anger and anxious behaviour.
  • Learn master influence to be able lead changes you want.
  • Learn how to Connect in a way that works.


  • Learn the skill of letting go of the Past to Create a New Life
  • Stop trauma from holding you back
  • Create a New Future you love.
  • This is the fastest way to overcome everything holding you back.


    • Create Time Freedom to Create your dream goals by slowing down.
    • Achieve more using our Roadmap & Life strategy.
    • Create the Impossible Goals you want fast without Overwhelm.
    • Use the Step by Step to plan out and implement with Daily & Monthly Results.


    • Undo the blocks that ruin a marriage
    • Stop the Constant conflicts, anger and resentment.
    • Repair and heal your marriage and bring the love and intimacy back.
    • Learn the exact steps to repair and rebuild a marriage


    • Learn the simple way to make the best Decisions
    • Lead with great Relationship skills of influence. 
    • Overcome Time Management blocks that lead to anxiety.
    • You’ll stop juggling everything to make things work.
    • You’ll stop Managing difficult people, and get people to do what you want with consent.

    ‘Everything he said actually happened, I can’t believe it changed everything’ I’ve grown so much and I can’t put into words how much hope it’s given me, how much inspiration it’s given me. I could go on and on for hours because it’s so awesome, just everything in it is amazing Alhamdulilah. I never want to miss out on any of it, Alhamdulilah.

      ~ Sumi Peterson, Professional Coach


    You will learn tools from the Quranic Science of the Nafs psychology, this will empower you overcome the obstacles that hold you back from the life you want.

    It’s all so valuable I appreciate it every day. My relationships with Allah, myself, and my family, especially with my husband are at another level, and I enjoy every moment of life. No matter what I’ll always be a Coach regardless of my job.

    Fauzia Humma - Financial Services

    My emotions are no way near as fluctuating as before and the extreme highs and lows have gone. I was at a really low point in life and was unable to get myself out but Allaah brought this as a blessing.  Alhamdullilaah so grateful to you and I always implement as much as I can from every single session as it is a blessing.  The practical ways to implement what I’m learning has helped me control my perfectionism. My home life has much improved and also my family relations too Alhamdullilaah

    Laura - Professional Mother

    BUSINESS COACHING :  Build A 5-Figure Coaching Practice – On Demand Training.

    Once your completion of Your Mind and life Leadership training,  get On-demand access to Learn how to make your First 2k to 4k and then build a 5-Figure Coaching business.

    Learn the essential steps to Sign your first clients and master the art of selling for life impact. You know how to impact lives but you need a step by step to make your first 2k and then systematically grow a 5-Figure repeatable Business that gives you time and money Freedom.  Building 6-figure business means you know how to make 5-figures first with a repeatable process.


    • Overcome Money blocks will make you poor mentally.
    • Learn to stop fear based overworking and create more money by doing less.
    • Learn how to get over the #1 Money block, the Reason for missing opportunity.
    • Train yourself to become a Money Maker in the world. It’s easier than you think.


    • Stop guessing and trying things. Learn 3 steps to Clients who pay. 
    • When you have this, you will know how to make 2k to 4k a month systematically.
    • This leads to building a 5 and 6-figure income coaching once you master this.


    • Build the confidence to marketing online. 
    • Learn the 2-Step Content marketing that gets a continuous flow of clients
    • Work 3 hours a week to create continuous clients requests
    • Having a marketing system that doesn’t take over your life. Simple, quick and effective. 


    • Learning to sell is learning to change lives.
    • Learn the simple sales coaching model to make your first 2k to 4k.
    • Learn how to do it Once, and you can do it for life.
    • No more flukes signing clients. Learn step by step to consistent paid clients.


    • Learn the 3 Steps to Making offers that sell like hotcakes.
    • Learn how to Convert Sales Consultations without trying to convincing people.
    • Trouble shoot and fix why Clients aren’t booking calls and why they say No.
    • Learn the offer formula that they can’t refuse.


    • Become the Coach your clients are looking for with no doubt.
    • Become a professional without doubting your ability to help your clients.
    • Build systems to help your clients.
    • Stop feeling like you’re talking to no one.
    • Master Social Selling.

      YOur Coach & Mentor

    USTADH Abdul Shahid

     I’ve spent my life mastering Mind Health, Emotional leadership and behaviour change. Being able apply this in life changed me and many thousands I’ve trained over the years.

    Being an Expert and  Master Coach Instructor requires therapy tools for the deep blocks we have. I founded the The Science of the Nafs, Quranic Psychology model and behavioural Science by the will of Allah swt to master my own life first.

    Now I help others become the experts at practical application of the Nafs Framework and Coaching model. Information by itself isn’t enough. Being mentored and coached is the only way to get massive change, and truly grow to your full potential.

     Understanding human behaviour  gives you an edge in Money. The last 30 years of Business, Sales and Marketing, with the Psychology expertise has helped me build amazing businesses and train others to become expert at making impact and money Alhamdulilah.

    My own personal Journey I have spent these years seeking knowledge, teaching and mentoring individuals like yourself. Travelled and lived in Egypt and Saudi Arabia studying the various sciences through the Islamic seminary of Al Azhar. 

    I founded The Muslim Life Coach Institute to train muslims to live the best lives using the Science of the Nafs.

    This is the key to life Success Alhamdulililah



    Self Paced On-Demand Access to the RoadMap Courses vault to up level your life to transform any area you want to focus on. Learn in your own time and convenience to master skills to change and grow yourself, connect and build relationships with your family, influence others and flourish in every area of life. 


    This is the most powerful room in the house. Your life will change as you go through watching and getting coached weekly. There is nothing you won’t solve insha’Allah. It’s anonymous, bring anything you want to solve and achieve. It’s the weeklyt call everyone loves. Get coached, your questions answered or watch the tools you’re learning being used to solve the very challenges and growth obstacles you have.


    Mixture of Business Trainings (Recorded and Live), Coaching and workshops. 2 Live monthly Business Coaching calls. Plus 24-7 ON-Demand Training access to Step by Step content and workshops, and replays on Business, Money, Sales and Marketing. If you’re stuck in your Coaching business and need help problem solving it, this is  it. Support for when your Sales calls are a flop, your content isn’t working and no one is booking consults with you. We problem solve to get you signing clients.


    Get regular add on Private Written Coaching Support through Live Practice Workshops every month so you can master the skills. These powerful calls allow you to ask anonymously and get the help you want with changing your life. It will help you plan, stay on track, get Unstuck when you slip, and plan your next step. Expert Certified Coaches in the Science of the Nafs help you get FASTER results insha’Allah.


    Transform your Relationship with Allah swt. This is the most powerful way of nurturing your connection and changing your life through a practical application of the Quranic Science of the Nafs. This is only Science of the Nafs psychology based Tafsir reflections for the Leader in You. Learn it so it nurtures a deep connection of trust, reliance and power.


    SELF PACED Training and attend 1 Hour Live Coaching to implement. We record everything for you so you never miss a thing. You get to watch live Replays videos or listen on the go with your own Private Podcast app.


    MAKE 2024 the Best Year of Your Life  – When You Sign up you get Full Access to the Program for 12 months and Live Coaching and Workshops. 


    SPECIAL BONUS 1:  DREAM LIFE & DUA Program – this is the one thing we all need to help us feel connected to Allah, secure, and empowered so that we can handle everything and create true Trust, Reliance and Peace. Everything you need insha’Allah. (Value of £1,500)

    SPECIAL BONUS 2 :  1:1 Private Life Planning Coaching Call to create your Life Plan. When you sign up today you’ll get this 20 Minute Planning Call with an Expert Nafs Certified Coach. Begin your journey knowing exactly what to do, how to do, and how to create the best Results.

    12 Months Membership Access includes everything & All New Updates


    £675 Monthly for 12 Months Access to Private Coaching and full Pogram Access which includes everything & All New Updates.

    Places are limited when enrolment opens because we can only genuinely help so many people with this level transformation.

    This is the life training you will use for the rest of your life insha’Allah. It’s time to grow and love life insha’Allah. 


    It blows my mind how much I can do, I just want to say JazakAllahu khair for everything. I love how this helps you in your connection to Allah AND to living a thriving life, wholistic wellness, mental and physical health is so relevant. I’m so excited for others because when this is embraced it’s one of the best things to ever happen to you.  What I’ve experienced so far, I could never have imagined. This is so realistic and real. There’s nothing out there like this and I love the chilled laid back vibe, but mostly I think looking back for me, I could not have known where this would go.  Everything for me changed from insights and actions we take. Everything you spoke about at the beginning, it all came to pass and that in itself doesn’t normally happen in life, but with this program it has.  Shukran from the bottom of my heart.

    Sumayah - IT Professional

    Before starting my journey, I found myself making the same mistakes over and over again. I had trouble in my relationships with both family and friends and at times felt very alone, as if no one understood me. I would constantly strive to please others, thinking that it was the only way to maintain the bonds of kinship and close friends, but would often find myself feeling left out, unappreciated and at times a burden to others.  Well I no longer feel this way Alhamdulillah and it’s not becuase people around me have changed, I have changed. I feel free.

    ASIF, IT Consultant

    Being on the programme has helped me take ownership of my mental health and work on real solutions. It has also opened my eyes to a world of possibility and to the fact that I can achieve my dreams.I have recommended the programme to countless people as it is simple and straight forward.