BECOME THE BEST YOU, impact THE LIVES OF OTHER PEOPLE & Create financial freedom

 Become a Certified Coach & Master the Science of the Nafs Mind & Life Success Model


All the possible life and Career paths you can follow when you pursue Certification as a Science of the Nafs Mind & Life Coach.

You Become A Professional Life Coach that can guarantee results with Confidence. This is not something only the rare and uniquely gifted get to pursue. It’s for people like You and I who make a decision to follow our purpose and learn everything we need to get what we want. 

Often we’re taught you just have to be willing to serve and help with good intentions. That’s not enough !  that’s why getting certified in this very unique Quran and sunnah based Psychology and Nafs Success science will set you apart from everyone else in the market. It gives you a definite advantage. 

You’ll know how to get results in your own life and help your clients implement change in their lives that actually stick. This is what will draw people to working with you because you’ll know how to live your own principles, and know exactly the process to take them through. Too many people are seeing coaches and therapist and staying stuck for years. Be the kind of Coach that changes that story for them and yourself. You will love that story.

You can run your own business, intergrate these skills in your existing career,  completely change your career to Coaching, or even work for another company as a Life Coach.  With the Science of the Nafs Training you will have unique skills to market. You’ll know how to work with people in a way that you won’t see in other life coach certifications.  This is the most holistic way of healing and growing the mind, body and soul.

personal & Professional

IMAGINE YOU HAVE THE ONLY QURANIC PSYCHOLOGY MODEL in the world. All of a sudden you stand out in a crowded world.  NOT because you have good faith based marketing, BUT because you have the cutting edge tools of transformation in your tool box ready to transform peoples lives. Now you’re in demand !

TAKE BACK YOUR TIME AND FINANCIAL FREEDOM. Know exactly how to get clients you love to serve with a Consistent and Sustainable system without giving up your life.

YOU’LL MASTER THE SKILLS TO HELP ANYONE using the revelation based model that gives you the deepest understanding of the human mind, heart, behaviour and the way to create amazing results. It’s the only method you’ll ever need and your life will transform on the journey insha’Allah.

YOU’LL LEARN TO ELIMATE DOUBT AND BUILD MASSIVE CONFIDENCE and absolute Self belief.  Use The Quranic Science of the Nafs coaching and therapy tools to overcome any blocks and self sabotage from getting in your way.

FEEL MORE SPIRITUALLY CONNECTED with a simple and practical daily method of up-leveling your trust, certainty and reliance in Allah swt, so you can achieve any goal you set yourself.

TRANSFORM ANY FEAR TO CERTAINTY & TOTAL RELIANCE that creates your inner peace so nothing stops you taking massive action creating your dreams.

CREATE AMAZING RELATIONSHIPS THAT HELP YOU FLOURISH. This will set you free, because this is what keeps most people stuck. Overcome the past and create a new future.

CREATE A COACHING SERVICE THAT CHANGES THE WORLD one person at a time. Learn how to have such massive impact on peoples lives that it causes you to win in both Dunya and the Akhira.



You will live into your best, most authentic self and fall in love with how easy you can make life.  No more fear & Anxiety, no more self doubt, no more lack of confidence and self worth and just taking more action and creating your dreams in the real world insha’Allah.

This 6 Months Coach Certification Program is for people like you, who want  help to solve the most difficult problems permanently, to get closely connected to Allah. 

In this program we create a connection with Allah swt where you can begin to get real healing and cure, a real solution to real challenges in life.

No more procrastination, No more emotional roller coasters of Negativity, no more searching endlessly online, no more courses or even years of therapy. 

In this simple and easy to apply program, you get to the root of the problem and eliminate it permanently insha’Allah so you can create your dream career.


You don’t have to keep waiting for a miracle as it could only be that Allah guided you to be reading this now. Most people won’t get to see this, but you are. Allah destined you to be reading this, to be hearing this life changing message.

In this life changing journey join Abdul Shahid as he trains you through the Certification modules and coach trainings with weekly Group Coaching calls.

BONUS SPECIAL: You Get Private weekly 121 Coaching to Support your journey.  20 minute Power Calls with our team of Certified Coaches & Mentors. We will personally support and mentor you to help you create a Deep Connection to Allah like you’ve never experienced before. We will work on finding what’s really stopping you from your success in your biggest challenges and work to create your biggest dreams.

You DO NOT need any prior training in psychology or the Islamic sciences.  You will be given all that you need to become a Professional Coach grounded in the Science of the Nafs.

This will be completely different to anything else you’ve ever done, albeit you’ll find it agrees with your senses and resonates deeply in your heart.  You will become a student of the Quran and it’s Divinely inspired model of spirituality, psychology and physiology.

  YOur Coach & TRAINER

Ustadh Abdul Shahid.

Having taught and trained hundreds of people over the years, my experience has taught me that You need to mentor and coach people to get real results.

Expert Personal & Business Coach, Therapist and and Trainer of The Science of the Nafs Spirituality & Psychology according to the Quran and Sunnah. Background and expertise in helping people with personal and Business transformation.

In my own personal Journey I have spent the last 20 years seeking knowledge, teaching and mentoring individuals like yourself. Having travelled and lived in Egypt and Saudi Arabia where I learned through the Islamic seminary of Al Azhar. On return to the UK I founded the Quranic Connection Academy.

With 25 years of working in Consultancy Business building, Marketing and Sales, I have gleaned an all-round experience of building businesses from the ground up. In this journey I’ve trained many professionals and executives.

Founder, Lead Trainer & Coach of the ILMU NAFS Divine Principles Coaching  program is for Personal and Business transformation.

Have spent more than 20 years in the pursuit of knowledge and training in various modalities of Psychology and Human Potential mastery.

Sounds complicated, but truth be told it’s SIMPLE.




First you must go through your own personal transformation to create Peace and contentment in your life. This is the thing we all need. There are deeply ingrained challenges we all face and if you want to love your life going through this journey of personal transformation will be the most important journey for you.

Eliminate doubt and fear, no procrastination, no more anxiety over the future or past, no more feeling disconnected, anger and alone in your pursuit for peace. Your focus with be to take care of your own struggles in this part of the program and life will change insha’Allah.


So you might already be in the help profession, or you may be completely new. It’s fine either way. You will go through a training that give you all you need to help people transform in any area of their life.

Knowing how to take someone else through the process of transformation is essential component of your journey in becoming a coach. You will learn the master tools, science of life transformation, and all practice you need to help your clients in any challenge they face and help them to create the life that they want.

Our Coaches take these skills into their professional roles as leaders, Managers, Consultants and therapist. You will be able to work with ANYONE, regardless of their background and faith. These are tools that enhance life for all human beings.

Training to Coach all areas of life requires an understanding of the fundamental Human behavioural science. There is NO ONE that knows this better than Allah, so you will learn the Science of the Nafs through the Quran and Sunnah.


After Certification you get Access to the Business Coaching & Entrepreneurship training program. This is another 6 Months of Business Coaching & Advancing Your Coaching Skills Support to set up your Coaching Practice.

Learn how to build a Legacy focused Coaching business and how to earn your first 2k, 10k, 40k and then onto 100k and beyond insha’Allah. It becomes your choice. Powerful !

If time freedom and Money freedom is important to you this part of the program will set you up with the nuts and bolts and the how-to strategies insha’Allah. Making money as a life coach is all about how to find your Clients and building a thriving practice. Creating financial freedom is a choice and not something that just happens to you. So we teach you exactly how to go out and find the clients you need to build a thriving practice.

We teach you how to do it systematically without giving up your life, time and balance.


Learn to understand the Science of the Nafs Psychology directly from the Quran, in a way you’ve never experienced before. A practical take on spirituality, psychology and all areas of life through the lens of Divine guidance of the Quran and Sunnah. This will change your life insha’Allah.


Coach Certification training is for 6 Months and requires 3 hours a week investment.

90 mins Live Coaching Class + 60 Mins Training + 30 min Quranic Reflections.

PLUS You will be given the opportunity to attend much more if you feel you want additional support.

Post Certification you will be given 6 months Business Coaching and other trainings Access as part of the Certified Coaches Alumni site. 

You will get Continous FREE ACCESS to this Alumni coaching and Business trainings as an Active Coach. This will support you with Continuous Professional development. Active Coach Status is to be maintained and assessed annually.



Zero to 6 Figure Blueprint & Coaching


After Certification you will be given access to another 6 Months Program on Coaching Entrepreneurship training to support you while you build your Coaching business. You will learn the nuts and bolts of Sales and Organic Marketing where you don’t need to spend money on advertising or go looking for a business coach.

You’ll learn EVERYTHING you need to know to  your earn your first 2k to 100k and beyond Coaching with your blueprint for success. A sustained flow of clients creates ongoing business you can rely on.

Most coaches don’t realise how important Business Coaching of this kind is. Entrepreneurship is a key skill.  Knowing how to get Clients without paying for them is your first step to creating true time and money freedom.

BONUS EXTRA:  WEEKLY LIVE Business Coaching Calls to support you as you grow.



This is a simple system that when put into action will bring more clients than you could ever handle. It gives you the ability to pick and choose the right people.


Where do I find clients who will pay? who I want to work with and they are my people? this is exactly what you’ll learnt to do not just think about. Knowing where to find the clients is the most important skill.


Build your demand so much that they don’t stop knocking at your door. This part of the program will teach you exactly how to build that demand so you position yourself for the best business.


There is simple formula for making money. The value your potential client gives this is the most important thing. You’ll be trained on knowing exactly what that value is that your future client is looking for and you will offer them exactly that. It guarantees you clients. 

This is true classical sales and marketing. Works everytime and your clients love you and pay you happily.

This will NOT include paid advertising or any other way of throwing your moey down the drain while you build a business. We will teach you to make money with organic / free methods that have worked for thousands of years.  


Being able to switch the tap on whenever you need is a skill you will develop as you go through this training on Client Acquisition and High Fee Enrolment training and more.



This is where your foundation is built. We will travel through the Quran to understand how human psychology and physiology is to be understood. When you understand this knowledge, you will know the simplest and most effective way to understand human behaviour and how to bring about lasting change according to the Designer of Life.

This is knowledge of both physical and metaphysical in nature. It will complete the incomplete picture that humanity has pieced together. Knowing and understanding how Allah designed you will help you to stop going against the grain.

It will help you to stop struggling and find a simple way to circumvent the challenges people face in day to day life.

If you suffer or know of people who suffer from excessive mental chat, constant thinking and over analysing of everything in life, this will show you how to stop that negative drain on your energy and life.

Truly understanding the nature of your Soul will help you to work towards a natural balance in life and connect to the Al-Mighty Creator of Life.

Enrolment OPEN NOW




Overcome obstacles in your Spiritual Connection, Mind health, Relationships and any Obstacle we root out as your block and inhibitor to personal success.



Weekly access to Power Calls to help you grow exponentially with our team of certified coaches & mentors.


Learn practical step by step process and tools needed to help yourself and your clients with the past, present and future challenges.


Practice the skills of coaching on a weekly basis with your small designated group under supervision.


Create massive impact on everyones life with certainty and confidence. Learn how to turn that into a Career that gives you financial freedom.


We mentor you through your business set up, getting your clients results and building your coaching practice. You don’t have to do it alone.







THEN 6 MOnths Business coaching





Plus 6 Months Weekly LIVE Coaching Support (60 MINS)

Training including Spiritual Awakening, Mind Mastery, Relationship and more. Continuous support that blows your mind.


Certification Class 2023 – When You Sign up today you get Full certification program is 12 months of training PLUS all of the Bonuses below. We begin 13th March for 12 months of life change with academic breaks. Plenty of time to transform, grow and enjoy your life. This is what you will get when you sign up today insha’Allah.

SPECIAL BONUS 1 : When you sign today You get Private 121 Coaching weekly for 40 weeks during the training. This will be life changing insha’Allah (Value of £15,000).

SPECIAL BONUS 2: Business Coaching – 6 Months of mentorship and coaching on your marketing, client work and business building. Everything you need insha’Allah. (Value of £20,000)

SPECIAL BONUS 2: You get access to 12 month Nafs Personal Transformation Training & Live Coaching program. (Value of £3,600)

This is the only School in the world where you will learn to master the skill of Coaching & Therapy with the Quranic Science of the Nafs for creating mind health and Wealth.



1st Payment of £2200 and 12 Monthly Payments of £650 GBP


Amina S

I have had an amazing experience training with The Muslim Life Coach Institute alhamdullilah and highly recommend it. It’s a very  thorough and in-depth Coach Training like no other leaving you very confident and competent in your abilities as a Coach. The Institute sets a very high standard for the coaching industry that is absolutely necessary. You learn psychology and behavioural science in a such a practical way that helps you actually solve your clients’ personal, relationship and professional problems at the core so that it does not keep reoccurring in their lives.

The Marketing and Business Coaching modules are taught in a super effective and simple way that very quickly helps you to build your coaching business. The best part is, you finally see how just a one or two ayahs of the Quran can completely transform, heal and create an amazing life for your client so that they start living the Quran, alhamdullilah. JazakAllahu khair for the continuous support you give us.

DR Amina A

Thank you so much, I’ve spent so many years training and studying holistic medicine, psychology and personal development. I’ve never experienced life transform this way till I understood the Science of the Nafs. It truly creates healing and transforms life as I knew it.


This was an answer to my Dua, I struggled with myself for so long, sadness, fear and low self worth. I wish I had found this a long time ago but I’m grateful Allah swt blessed me with this journey now. My life has changed, I’m doing things I never imagined in a million years. My Dua has been answered alhamdulilah.

You told us that it’s not about the end goal but it’s about the person you become on the journey to my success. I’ve realised that this is my success, I love the journey Alhamdulilah. I’m enjoying feeling uncomfortable, showing up and doing the best I can. I’m actually a great coach Alhamdulilah, I can actually do this alhamdulilah. I pray Allah swt rewards you for everything I do as you played a part in my success. This is emotional and you don’t understand how much this means to me alhamdulilah. I feel Allah swt loves me so much. BarakAllahu feek.

Jheledeen A

Even though I’ve been a Business transformation Coach & Consultant for many years, the Science of The Nafs was completely transformational for me as it is based on the only source of knowledge that is certain in life, divine revelation.

I have witnessed its benefits in my practice and my personal life. Anyone contemplating coaching as a career or who simply wishes to work through their challenges, this is for you. Pray Istikhara and enrol with full confidence that the Almighty will only allow it to happen if it’s good for you.  jazakAllahu khair

Farah H

Thank you for all that you do for us and I’m so grateful that Allah swt  chose me to be a part of this journey. I don’t take this honour and privilage lightly. I know I can do it because I want to and because I’ve finally found the way in which my life’s purpose is in my actions. I love what I do. I love the people I work with and I have total certainty that Allah swt has got my back.

Sumayyah P

It blows my mind how much I can do, I just want to say JazakAllahu khair for everything. I love how this helps you in your connection to Allah AND to living a thriving life, wholistic wellness, mental and physical health is so relevant. I’m so excited for others because when this is embraced it’s one of the best things to ever happen to you.  What I’ve experienced so far, I could never have imagined. This is so realistic and real. There’s nothing out there like this and I love the chilled laid back vibe, but mostly I think looking back for me, I could not have known where this would go.  Everything for me changed from insights and actions we take. Everything you spoke about at the beginning, it all came to pass and that in itself doesn’t normally happen in life, but with this program it has.  I’ve grown so much and I can’t put into words how much hope it’s given me, how much inspiration it’s given me. I could go on and on for hours because it’s so awesome, just everything in it is amazing Alhamdulilah. I never want to miss out on any of it, Alhamdulilah. Shukran from the bottom of my heart.


After all these Years struggling a trying to figure it out, it impacts your confidence, relationships and life. I’ve figured it out now Alhamdulilah. I’ve been enjoying it a lot learning and coaching.

I’ve become very empowered, have more hope and become confident. Emotional experience is where I’m more in control. My relationships have changed, I am more positive and accept others and understand their behaviour. I don’t take anyting personally. You learn to stop being triggered by people and learn to master yourself Alhamdulilah. 

This has really empowered me and I really enjoy Coaching alhamdulilah.

Aliyah b

I love how it’s changed my life and empowered me more than I ever imagined. I love the work I do and being able to help others sisters while connecting to Allah. As for the Muslim Life Coach institute family I wanted to thank you all for your patience, love, support and duas Alhumdulilah. Quite frankly we’ve all come such a long way and it’s been a blessing to see you all develope enhance and step into future self.. biggest shout out to our brother Abdul shahid whom Allah inspired and he chose to share with us this priceless grace and and go the extra lifeline to support us to share.


I trained to help myself initially but I love it so much I’ve decided to become a full time Life Coach and help others. It’s all so valuable I appreciate it every day. My relationships with Allah, myself, and my family, especially with my husband are at another level, and I enjoy every moment of life. What else could we want?


Alhamdulilah you have taught us so much and this journey we took with you this last year was amazing. And most definitely I’m to take action and not sitting on this valuable training because I know it is helping so many people. That’s my passion to help as you know. Alhamdulilah my people are loving the experience. JazakAllahu khair for caring and support us. 

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