Mind & Emotional impact your Relationships & Professional life. Get Unstuck from Burnout Perfectionism and Procrastination that’s keeping you in stagnation.


You’ll learn about Mind and Connection real peace and control. We cover the entire Life Transformation Framework and outline. It’s the Science of the Nafs Blueprint that will change your life insha’Allah.

Change the way you are feeling and experiencing life through a Quranic way of understanding mental health and a real success framework. The spiritual Connections problem, emotional struggles that prevents you from creating the life you love. And most importantly knowing the success formula for all areas of life.

CLASS 2 - EMOTIONAL MASTERY: Fear Anxiety & Anger

You’ll learn about taking control of your emotions and overcoming any negative emotional experience. How to overcome Fear Anxiety, Anger and anything standing as an obstacle in your life.

We cover Step 2 of the Life Transformation Framework and why it’s one of the most important things you’ll ever know.

CLASS 3 - Relationships at Home & Work

In this masterclass we dive into the Success route and blueprint for all Relationships from Marriage, Parenting and generally dealing with difficult people that make your life hard.

This is an epic lesson for life transformation as 50% of all of lofe is the relationships we have. It will truly change the quality of your life when you focus on relationships in the way being taught. 

Stop Burnout Fear and Overwhelm

This is the class you need when you don’t have time, feel burnout, struggle to get energy and it’s impacting your life both at home and at work.

In this Class we dive into the Negative states of mind, Emotional challenges that follow. The stress that leads to burnout and fatigue.


A Mind health, Relationship and Life and get unstuck in your Career or Business. This transforming Journey is your final stop.  Get Coached and Mentored to overcome all obstacles and thrive.