Deep Transformation Coaching

Create a Deep Connection and reliance upon Allah that will help you Live without emotional Roller coasters, NO FEAR and Just More Certainty

 What would life look like if:

YOU HAVE A DEEPER CONNECTION : Emotional Trauma and baggage weighs you down. Maybe it’s your Connection that’s been the missing link but it can be difficult to see a lot of the time.

HAVE 100% RELIANCE UPON ALLAH: Tawakul for when you find it difficult. Most people are suffering from Fear and Anxiety due to the current uncertainties. Learn where it comes from and how to eliminate it.

STOP LIVING FROM A PLACE OF FEAR: because if you personally struggle to connect to Allah, learn how to feel spiritually connected and feel Safe despite uncertainty in your life.

LEARN HOW TO STOP SELF DOUBT & LOVE WHO YOU ARE: it’s one of the biggest challenges most us face, even though we show the world we are confident in other areas of life. 

REACH YOUR GOALS & OVERCOME YOUR OBSTACLES:  especially if you’ve tried everything and every year you try and you just cannot overcome your obstacles year on year.

CREATE LOVING RELATIONSHIPS: Learn why marriages struggle and what you could be doing to change this forever. 

STOP YOUR MONEY WORRIES FOREVER: Stop the internal challenges that block you from your earning potential. Why is it happening to you.

HOW TO GET YOUR DUAS ANSWERED win in this Life and the Akhira, Learn why you don’t have to miss out on either & how to get balance.

 How it works

If  you’re ready to change the way you experience life and create a life where you feel you can handle anything then we will work together to make that happen insha’Allah.

What is Deep Transformation?  It’s a complete mind transformation that will help you finally get unstuck, and figure out exactly how to be the best you that you can fall in love with. No more fear & Anxiety, no more self doubt, no more lack of confidence and self worth battering you and stopping you from moving forward.

If you’ve been held back by the struggles and obstacles in your life, be it the past trauma you experienced or the constant anxious worrying about what the future holds for you

I created this 9 month Coaching & Mentoring Program for people like you who want  help to solve the most difficult problems permanently, to get closely connected to Allah. In this program we create a connection where you can begin to get a real cure, a real solution to your challenges in life. 

This is NOT an Intensive program, because what you really need is to slow down to see the gaps in life. Once a week we will meet and you will focus on transformation not just information. 

No more procrastination, No more Constant Negativity, no more searching endless Youtube motivational videos, crash courses or even therapy for years. In this simple Coaching solution I will help you get to the route of the problem and eliminate it permanently insha’Allah.

Get the guidance and Mentoring You need 

You don’t have to keep waiting for a miracle as it could only be that Allah guided you to be reading this now. Most people won’t get to see this, but you are. Allah destined you to be reading this, to be hearing this life changing message.

In the Coaching journey I will personally support and mentor you to help you create a Deep Connection to Allah like you’ve never experienced before. We will work on finding what’s really stopping you from your success in your biggest challenges and work to create your biggest dreams.

It’s a Coaching program based on the Science of Nafs Psychology Model  based on the Quran and Sunnah, where you will be mentored in creating that feeling of true inner peace and resilience.

Although you will see some correlation with traditional Psychology, InsideOut, Hypnotherapy or even NLP. This will be a Journey of Spiritial Psychology according to the Quran and Sunnah. I’m sharing this with you as we all want certainty about getting a permenent solution to our challenges and so we will make a journey with Revelation so we can rely on that 100%. 

We humans are always trying to bridge the gap, so we ‘follow advice’, use different techniques to feel ok, feel an Imaan boost even, but it’s always a challenge to feel that way constantly when you have to work so hard to create that good feeling state. You will learn how you don’t have to do that any more, insha’Allah that will change that forever.

If you are successful in lots of areas of your life BUT absolutely struggle in other areas, then you will learn how to identify the challenges and transform it permanently insha’Allah.



By the time we finish you will feel the peace and know exactly how to tap into that whenever you need insha’Allah. No more self love and self doubt.


If you’ve struggled for years with obstacles that never go away you will get the chance to overcome that permanently insha’Allah.


If you are constantly worried about your financial situation, your on edge and feeling frustrated we will learn how to solve that and from where you can create the money freedom and abundance. 


Where the struggle comes from and how you can change that. We will tap into the Quranic guidance on how to create loving relationships in your life.


Learn how to achieve and accomplish in life and what’s been stopping you. Find out the easy way to make life happen and accomplish things you’ve so far just dreamt of.


This is the Most important one. Find out why you struggle to connect to Allah in the deepest sense and Create indestructible connection in life.

Imagine your dream life begins TODAY…

 You let go of all your fears, the past and future anxieties and you begin fresh now with 100% Certainty..

You find your connection to Allah, your dreams,  your Marriage, Career, health and relationships begin taking a turn for the better..

You realise what you’re missing and start working on filling the gaps in your life and watch it happen.

The struggles you found yourself in seem to be the only obstacles and you get started on getting rid of them.

You finally understand what Allah means by contentment and true peace.

You learn to focus on Dunya & Akhira without being overwhelmed by how much you have to do.

No more overwhelm, no more procrastination just by understanding the missing link in your life..

What if you could learn to just Love life again and feel your way through life with passion? 

You only need one guide… Allah, the Quran and the Sunnah.



Rapid Transformation

This is where your foundation is built. We will travel through the Quran to understand how the human psychology and physiology is to be understood. When you understand this knowledge, you will know the simplest and most effective way to understand human behaviour and how to bring about lasting change according to the Designer of Life.

This is knowledge of both physical and metaphysical in nature. It will complete the incomplete picture that humanity has pieced together. Knowing and understanding how Allah designed you will help you to stop going against the grain.

It will help you to stop struggling and find a simple way to circumvent the challenges people face in day to day life.

If you suffer or know of people who suffer from excessive mental chat, constant thinking and over analysing of everything in life, this will show you how to stop that negative drain on your energy and life.

Truly understanding the nature of your Soul will help you to work towards a natural balance in life and connect to the Al-Mighty Creator of Life.

Some of the Benefits of this:

~ Get Clarity of Mind

~ Create Emotional Stability

~ Eliminate Self Doubt

~ Eliminate Self Sabotage

~ Create true Inner Confidence

~ Clear away habitual thinking & limiting beliefs

~ Create the Motivation you need

~ Learn how to Rely on yourself

~ Deal with Loneliness

~ Fear of Death or desire for it

~ Create Momentum in getting things done

~ Stop battling with yourself

~ Become who you are inspired to be

~ Have impact in your relationships

~ Build relationships that make you happy

~ Get over the past

~ Stop fear from dictating your life

  YOur Coach & Mentor

Ustadh Abdul Shahid.

Having taught and trained hundreds of people over the years, my experience has taught me that You need to mentor and coach people to get real results.

Expert Personal & Business Coach, Therapist and and Trainer in Nafs Spirituality & Psychology according to the Quran and Sunnah. Background and expertise in helping people with personal and Business transformation.

In my own personal Journey I have spent the last 20 years seeking knowledge, teaching and mentoring individuals like yourself. Having travelled and lived in Egypt and Saudi Arabia where I learned through the Islamic seminary of Al Azhar. On return to the UK I founded the Quranic Connection Academy (originally known as Al-Fatihah Institute).

With 25 years of working in Consultancy Business building, Marketing and Sales, I have gleaned an all-round experience of building businesses from the ground up. In this journey I’ve trained many professionals and executives.

Founder, Lead Trainer & Coach of the ILMU NAFS Divine Principles Coaching  program is for Personal and Business transformation.

Have spent more than 20 years in the pursuit of knowledge and training in various modalities of Psychology and Human Potential mastery.

Sounds complicated, but truth be told it’s SIMPLE.






     Spiritual Awakening, Relationship and Money Mastery


Right Now there is Only 15 Spots available on this program.

If the programs sounds like it could be what you’re looking there’s only one way to find out. Places are offered on an invitation bases only after we’ve had a chance to speak and see if this is a good fit for you. 

Don’t miss out..

‘Doing the same things will always give you the same results, isn’t it time you did something different?’


You may be wondering still and here are some common questions and answers.

If you still have Questions please book a call to discuss your questions or any queries you have.


This is a 100% Live Coaching Program  and Yes you will get a video recording if you miss the Live sessions.


Don’t worry, this is why you need the Coaching and Mentoring to get over this problem permanently insha’Allah

Can I Join using my mobile

Yes you can join using the Mobile or Desktop App that we’ll provide you access to. As long as you have internet you can join using any device.

Is there a Payment Plan ?

Yes we can work out something that works for you.

Will this help me in my Business ?

Absolutely if will help you change your whole life insha’Allah if you put in the work. This will get you on the road to unlocking your mind and life inshaAllah.