This is dedicated to the Love that is left behind and the people of Jannah that you will join. You are the legacy and this will change your life.

In this Short podcast that I dedicate to my brothers and sisters who have lost their loved ones, I want to tell you that I have created this with Love, compassion and mercy that Allah swt that blessed us with.

I ask Allah swt that He the Most Compassionate, The Eternally Loving accepts this work from us and make us the legacy of our beloved Love that lives forever.

We belong to the Everliving and eternal Loving Al-Wadud and we will return to that Love. Stay strong my brothers and sisters, you have this and Allah swt has you.

The science of the Nafs (Self) is a Quranic psychology and spirituality rolled into one, with a single purpose to solve the challenges of your Mind and by extension your Life.

Own your heart, for your heart will build this life of Dunya and Akhira for you. Allah swt is the master of our hearts, so connect it to him, and You wil truly be raised with your most beloved.


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About the Author: Abdul Shahid – Life Transformation Coach & Principle Trainer of Professional Muslim Coaches using the Science of the Nafs coaching and peak performance science. Specialist in Mind health, wealth and mastery using this Quran and sunnah based Spiritual Psychology model.

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