Today’s article is about well-being, not in the sense of mindfulness type stuff, but well-being in all of life.

It’s about creating a state of mental and spiritual health that impacts your life. I take it from the angle of applying the Science of the Nafs. 

If you’ve been going through the Million Muslim Minds Transformation programme, where I help to coach and mentor your mind and your life through the different classes based on the Nafs Transformation programme, then you’ll understand a lot of the stuff in this article.

One of the core foundations is that you’ve got to take charge of three areas of your life if you want to really overcome all difficulties and go beyond resilience, which is an often talked about concept in the coaching world or the therapy world.

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Resilience is just the baseline. Many of you think your resilience comes from being able to overcome a lot of the challenges that you have. 

In my mind, I think of resilience as I’m just about doing alright, I’m just getting through. I think of it as having to drag myself through my life to get the desired results. 

It’s like I’m just about getting it by the skin of my teeth. I’m getting it, and that makes me resilient. 

In the Nafs transformation programme, one of the core foundations is actually to get to a state of mental wealth. It’s mind health and wealth.

Mind health is like resilience. So we work on that to get you to that place, but you also want to focus beyond that.

So, when I train my students, I don’t train them to focus on getting more mental health or mind health. What I actually focus on is abundance. 

When people see or hear the word Abundance, they always think of money. But we’re talking about Rizq. 

Allah (SWT) describes this in the Quran. 

When we’re talking Rizq, we’re not talking about just wealth.

We’re talking about a thriving, flourishing mind, where you can focus beyond your obstacles onto the part of your life that you want to actualise and accomplish. 

In other words, you want to thrive and flourish and do amazing. When we focus on that and start from that place, then the obstacle becomes very small.

Think about it.

If the obstacle is small in the sight of this huge outcome in your life, then you move into that, and you’re going to feel motivated. 

You’re going to feel energised and ready to create a life that you can love. 

When you’re preparing your life for the next step, here’s what you’ve got to do. 


These three areas that you have to focus on will impact your whole life.

Spirituality – spirituality is about connecting to the Creator of the Heavens and Earth, not connecting to the Heavens or the Earth, but connecting to the Creator of it all.

All of this stuff that we see, connecting to Allah (swt), happens when you can realign your heart to your natural disposition effectively. 

In Islam, we call this the Fitrah. 

Realigning yourself to your natural disposition will help you to shift a lot of the fear. It will help you to shift a lot of the challenges, the insecurities, and the feeling of constant struggling and battling.

I say this because with my coaches who are training in certification or my students going through the Nafs Transformation programme, we focus heavily on spirituality. 

Because I know as a specialist and expert in the Science of the Nafs and realignment, how imperative it is. 

I’m talking about realignment and getting back on track, which is actually going to help you feel a sense of security, peace, and tranquillity. We know that you can’t feel it without this. 

So you need that spiritual realignment.

Many of the people that go through this training are people that have trained in theology, they’re praying five times a day and they’re doing the daily Athkar and reading the Quran.

But they’re still feeling this massive, deep sense of a void. 

Now, if you’re thinking, me too. I do all of these things, so why do I still experience this?

Then know that, as much as we think that we’re spiritually aligned, and we’re doing the best we can, we get into this negative spiral, which impacts the level of spirituality and your connection. 

And when you don’t feel connected, you don’t feel Khushu. So spirituality is essential. That’s probably the most essential component that every human being needs in life.

Spirituality doesn’t mean that I sit there doing breathwork and meditation.

It’s about reconnecting to Allah (swt).

The second thing that we focus on, and again, this is imperative in realigning your life. Getting yourself into a good state of life, where you can actually enjoy your life. 

Your psychological state – Many times we think that if we do some simple thought work, or we do some positive thinking, then Bob’s your uncle. 

All of these things are strategies and they work to a degree. 

You may have tried it and it may have worked at some point. 

But the problem with this sort of stuff is that they are techniques and strategies, and they don’t work when it’s to change something that is core.

In the Science of the Nafs, the core is at the level of the heart. 

So when it’s at the level of the heart, it doesn’t matter how much intellectual work you do on it.

Unless you change what’s at the level of the heart, and what’s going on inside of your heart, then you can’t change what you’re really experiencing in your life. 

You’ll recognise that this is happening when you’re forever in emotional turmoil.  

Sometimes emotional turmoil is when your emotions are up and down, and sometimes it’s when you suppress them completely. 

Any hint of emotion, anything that triggers a specific emotion in you, makes you flee to a different behaviour or to a distraction. 

Some people distract themselves with work, others distract themselves with pleasure. Others with social media, the internet, movies, Netflix, over-eating, you name it. 

We use these things to actually change the direction of our experience so that we don’t have to experience those emotions. 

If you’re having this experience, then it’s very likely that you need to work on changing your psychological state. 

So we focus on that. These two, the spiritual and psychological will totally impact you in your life. 

If you don’t get those two aligned with your life itself, then it will impact you physically, be it fibromyalgia, be it other medical conditions that you’re experiencing, chronic fatigue, sleepless nights, all this sort of stuff. 

And beyond that into your relationships. 

Relationships are so affected by it, that we don’t even see it.

We’ve got our minds in this cloud of emotions that blocks us from seeing the very things that we’re creating in our lives, and we don’t even realise it. 

But when those results come to bear in our lives, we start getting angry, frustrated, and resentful, and we start to blame others. 

We think we’ve got to change the world, we have to move countries, and there’s one thing after another, and it just gets worse and worse. 

The more you focus on changing all of those things, the less the change actually comes into your life. And the more frustrated you become, the more stuck you feel. 


These are the three areas that you’ve got to understand in your life. 

If you have not been following the free Million Muslim Minds Transformation, and you want to understand what I’m talking about at a deeper core level, go to the website: 

If you have been going through it, and you’ve missed some of it, or you haven’t watched it properly, or you were too focused on other stuff, let me tell you I’m giving you gold here.

If you don’t take the gold, don’t complain about poverty.

Go to the gold, take it, and apply it to your life.

Spend it on your mind, on your relationships, spend it on the things that actually create good life experiences, like your spirituality, your mind, and your relationships.

All of this stuff is at the core of your life, so focus on it.

If you focus on it, you will change a lot of what’s going on.

But if you’re ready to actually make a transformation of your life, start off by going through this programme. It will change your life. 

If you apply it, you’ll have yourself on the road to transformation, not on the road to recovery.

Don’t go to recovery because you want to focus on the thing that’s far ahead of you.

You want to focus on the thing that you love to have, the life you love to have, the relationships you love to have, and the emotional well-being and intelligence you love to have. 

If you’re ready to do that, then do it.

Now, in the Coach Certification programme, where I’m training people like you, who are hardworking, and who have tried many different things. 

They want a systematic change. And they want a process to create an impact on other people’s lives. 

If you’re a person who actually loves to help other people. Maybe in your job, that’s exactly what you do already. 

You’re just not called a coach or a mentor, but you already do it and you already have a passion for it.

If you really want to help people but you want to do it with a real refined human behavioural system that helps you to help your client in anything, then the certification programme is for you. 

I’m taking a small group of people through this journey of transforming their own lives and transforming the lives of others. 

To sign up for that, go to the Institute website and check out the details of the certification. You’ll find it at

This is probably the most in-depth training you’ll ever do in spirituality, psychology, human behaviour, and change. 

If that’s you, and that’s what you’re looking for, go check it out.

You’re going to love it. 

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About the Author: Abdul Shahid – Master Coach Trainer & Therapist of Professional Life Coaches, pioneering The Science of the Nafs Psychology model for healing, transformation and peak performance. Specialist in Mind health, wealth and mastery using this Quran and sunnah based Spiritual Psychology.