In this episode, we dive deep into a topic that affects many families around the world. We explore the challenges faced by husband and wife in maintaining healthy relationships, and how to work on saving their marriages.

What You’ll Learn in this Podcast:

  1. How to change the dynamics of your marriage. 
  2. How Men feel about their wives.
  3. Power of Choice and the “Relationship Gamechanger” it is. 

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From Conflict to Happiness – A Path Forward

Have you ever wondered what it feels like when a family is tearing itself apart?

Why do husband and wife have such a difficult time getting along? 

When two people are constantly at each other it’s very difficult to connect. 

When couples are constantly in a state of friction, fighting each other, then this conflict inevitably spills over into all areas of their loves. They look at each other, blaming each other for all of the issues that they’re facing. 

A side effect of this constant conflict  is that there’s a lack of marital intimacy.

The lovey-dovey thoughts and looks have given way to cold stares of death, staring each other out with all this anger and emotion behind it.

Men and women are very different in their approaches to love and intimacy, but we are all designed to function together harmoniously.

When spouses understand and appreciate these differences, they unlock a deeper and more intimate connection.

It’s important to understand that anger is a destructive force in any relationship.

If you’re the one with the anger issues, experiencing these fluctuating emotions flying all over the place. Where you feel like you’re losing control, the first step to helping yourself and your marriage is just understanding and acknowledging what’s actually happening. 

If you’re not prepared to look at your thoughts, prepared to explore what’s going on, then you’re the one who has the issue, but you’ll always feel as though it’s your spouse.

You’ll always blame the other for causing your problems. 

Even when others say or do things that may really tick you off, something that really pushes you to the edge. 

Even in these situations, that doesn’t give them the power to actually cause you to react or have that internal reaction. 

When we’re clouded by anger, frustration, or any negative emotion our minds interpret things in such ways that only gets us worked up even more. The feelings of frustration, hopelessness, and anger can quickly overtake us and get out of control.

However, the reality is that you can let that all go!

Changing your state of mind, or what you focus on at that moment is always down to you. No one can force you to feel or think anything that you don’t want to feel. 

You have the power of mind to change that, this is a God-given right Allah has granted us all.

It’s what we call “Emotional Resilience”, or “Emotional Power.” And the truth is, you have both of them.

You can live from a place of happiness, but it has to be by a choice. Your feelings don’t happen to you haphazardly unless you allow them to.

You don’t have to be so serious, so imposing on yourself and everyone around you. 

All relationships require continuous effort, open communication, and a willingness to let go of negativity, in order to nurture love and connection.

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