How do you ensure you’re taking action, being persistent in that, and why is it even important?

This episode we dive into the importance of taking action, how it shapes our lives, and what might be holding you back from taking action. 

What You’ll Learn in this Podcast:

  1. How to calm yourself and get into a good place.
  2. The impact pain has on your emotions and relationships.  
  3. How to start healing mentally and physically.

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Why You Avoid Taking Action and the After Effects

Creating your life and your results is all about what you do, and not what you think.  

Thinking most certainly plays a huge part in it. But what you do, the actions you take is what creates your life. 

You don’t need to be a dreamer, you can make your dreams a reality. 

Action empowers us to not just dream but to live the life we truly want on a daily basis. 

There’s a famous Hadith where the Prophet (saw) said: 

إنَّمَا الْأَعْمَالُ بِالنِّيَّاتِ، وَإِنَّمَا لِكُلِّ امْرِئٍ مَا نَوَى  

Indeed, actions are determined by your intentions.

This is a profoundly significant hadith to us all. Actions are determined by those thoughts that are in your mind.

The intentions, or otherwise thoughts that you’ve become resolute on, the ones that you decide to act on, are what shape your life. 

A similitude I’d like you to think about is, when we’re baking a cake. The cake is the end result after putting all the ingredients together. 

The action is combining or mixing all the ingredients. The end result of the cake is what you don’t know until it’s done. So the end product cannot be controlled. 

But that’s what people do. They try to control the end result and that’s where most struggle. 

Sometimes the end result will be amazing, you’ll love it and everyone else will love it. 

Other times, your cake doesn’t rise, or it’s too dry, or just not what you wanted.

That doesn’t mean anything about you. It just means you have to experiment a little more to get the cake to where you want. 

When it comes to your life, it’s the same. All you have to do is try different things, explore, experiment and before you know it, you have something amazing, something exactly how you’d imagined it. 

It’s all about actions. So, what is stopping you from taking action? 

Fear is a common obstacle to taking action. It holds many people back from realising their potential. 

For you it may not be around fear, it could be something else. But there is a way to recognise what’s happening. 

Next time you do something that you’ve planned, but you don’t end up doing it, take a step back and think, ask yourself, “what am I feeling?” 

Your thoughts and feelings are what directly shape the actions you take.

Once you come to realise what those thoughts and feelings are, you come to realise what the drivers behind your motivation are. At this point you’ll truly understand why you get the results that you get in life. 

We have the ability to become intentional about the direction your life goes in. The more you create, the more actions you take, the more fruits you’re going to reap. 

You have to be prepared to keep adjusting and changing until you get closer and closer to what you want.

Nothing can stop you because you have the Most Powerful support. The Creator of the Heavens and the Earth supports everything you do. 

Allah (swt) says in Surah Al Baqarah, 

‘I answer the call of the one who’s calling.’

So, all you have to do is ask, and you will receive. You’re never alone. He; the Most Loving, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful, is always taking care of you. 

Life is always up for grabs for whoever is willing to play the game of life. And everything is within your reach. 

Ultimately, the key to success and fulfilment is in your ability to take action. 

People who take action make their dreams a reality. We are all capable of creating our reality and realising our dreams if we’re  prepared to put our trust in the One (swt) who fulfils all promises, and then be persistent in taking action.

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