Why do we make Dua for so long and not get an Answer? Why wouldn’t Allah answer my dua when I’m so insistant on asking over and over.

So it being the day of Arafah a couple of days ago got me thinking about Dua..

When we think about the Dua you’ve been making over and over you start to feel hopeless as though it’s not going to come. In fact many of my people when they first arrive on at the institute think it’s not even worth making Dua because it seems like this is destined for them.. ​​

Well here’s a big clue of One of the things that causes this..
One thing that happens is we can focus so hard on the problems that you start to give the problem such power, and end up thinking it has control over your life..

When you make the problem the only thing you make dua about.. when you don’t get the results you’re after, you become despondant and feeling hopeless..

If you don’t believe you will get the answer, you’ll often get what you think is going to happen? So the question is how do you turn it around?

Watch this video, I explain exactly what you should do… It’s one of the biggest lessons I’ve learnt in my life with Dua…

​​It’ll tell you the two most important things you should consider when making dua to get what your answer insha’Allah.


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