“Who am I and why do I always feel as though I’m stuck?” 

In today’s episode, we look into the fundamental understanding of who you truly are and why you may feel stuck in your life. 

What You’ll Learn in this Podcast:

  1. How to accept who you are.
  2. The true source of fulfilment.
  3. How to embrace imperfection.

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Overcoming Self-Doubt and Stepping into Your Life

Most people have established some level of success in life. 

You could have all the bells and whistles of life and still feel like you’re not complete or you don’t have what you need in life.

It’s not uncommon to hear phrases like “I just don’t know who I am” or “I feel stuck and I don’t know why.”

There’s always this constant nagging feeling of being unsettled. And it becomes a real challenge for so many people. 

Perhaps you’ve got everything that you set your goals to, yet you still feel as though there’s something missing. 

Then in the midst of these plethora of emotions, you tell yourself to focus on being grateful. 

And yes, gratitude is one of the keys to happiness without a doubt, but it’s not the key to being content or to knowing who you are. 

The first fact to establish, is that you are a human being. So you have to throw perfectionism out the window. 

Acknowledge that you can’t be perfect and accept your imperfections, this is how Allah (swt) created us all.

There’s only one perfection; and that’s Allah (swt). 

A lot of the discontentment that people suffer from is due to feeling like they can’t live up to their perfect selves. 

Pursuing perfectionism keeps us trapped, and when we’re constantly striving for it, which we can never attain, then this leads us to feeling disappointed and inadequate. 

The only thing that matters is, you are you. 

Whoever you decide to be is okay. As long as you remember that you are the creation and the servant of Allah. 

If you lose that connection, and if you lose sight of the fact that you are the creation of the Almighty, the All-Merciful, the All-Loving, then you will always feel as though you’re incomplete, broken, uncared for, or not wanted. 

Remembering who you are, the creation of Allah (swt) gives you peace and contentment of heart. And, this  help you to come to the realisation of your true worth. 

You will come to realise that you have always been taken care of, even when those difficulties came that you thought wouldn’t end. 

Allah; the Most Loving, The Compassionate, has always taken care of you and will always take care of you. Every tight situation, every horrible scene that you found yourself in, came to an end.

Because Allah (swt) the carer of all your affairs took you out of it.  You are His creation, and He (swt) always does what’s best for His, servants. 

When you connect to the source of life, to the Creator of life, Ar-Rahman, Al-Wadud, when you know who Allah (swt) is, then you will know who you are.

You will accept yourself and you will be rid of the pressure to be like others, or compare yourself to whoever, or meet unrealistic standards and expectations.

Connecting to Allah (swt) means you get to experience the safety, security, peace, and contentment and accept you. 

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