One of the things that I find, over and over again, with so many of the people that I work with, is that they struggle with this need or this desire to be acknowledged.

In this podcast episode, we discuss the pitfalls of burnout and the continuous pursuit of external validation, and I give you the 3-step solution for it.

What You’ll Learn in this Podcast:

  1. How to overcome the desire to fill a void, even the oldest one.
  2. How to actualise the potential Allah (swt) has given us. 
  3. The 3-step solution to this challenge, and many others.

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The 3-Step Solution to Growth & Development

What I’ve been able to glean from working with my clients and students is that there is a common tendency to seek external validation and acknowledgment.

Whether you’re a leader, coach, consultant, or someone striving for personal growth and success, the drive for recognition often becomes a central aspect of our lives. 

However, this constantly craving for validation can lead to burnout and emotional distress.

How you feel is then impacted if you don’t get the validation, the acceptance or acknowledgement you crave. 

When you’re not given that acknowledgement, very often, that leads to feeling disconnected from the people that we were hoping would give us that validation. 

This happens in all types of relationships, whether that be professional or personal.

Many high-achievers find it difficult to say no, often saying yes to everything due to the fear of rejection or seeking external validation.

When you’re constantly over-committing in this way, it leads to burnout and exhaustion. 

On many occasions I’ve been told by my clients & students that they have this overwhelming feeling of exhaustion, yet they struggle to ever say, “no”. Often, it’s been going on for prolonged periods.

Often, this craving and seeking out this external validation comes after the loss of a loved one, losing something in their life, or after some type of trauma they experienced. 

How they’ve described it is, it’s created a void in their lives, and it’s this void that they’re always searching to fill. 

However, it’s important to recognise that you can’t fill this void by saying ‘yes’ to everything and everyone.

Because if you’re always in this constant search to fill the void, you’re always going to be looking for the next fix.

However, the next fix never works, so you continue in this endless cycle.

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About the Author: Abdul Shahid – Master Coach Trainer & Therapist of Professional Life Coaches, using The Science of the Nafs Psychology model for healing, transformation and peak performance. Specialist in Mind health, wealth and mastery using this Quran and sunnah based Spiritual Psychology.