So many of us struggle with this week’s topic. This constant battle and uphill challenge of procrastinating, delaying goals, and then feeling overwhelmed by it all. 

In this episode, I discuss a simplified approach to goal setting that can help you overcome procrastination, leading to you achieving your desired outcomes.

What You’ll Learn in this Podcast:

  1. Effective Goal Setting
  2. The 6-step method to crush procrastination
  3. Finding fulfilment in the  journey and destination

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6 Steps to Effective Goal Setting 

We all have areas in our lives where procrastination happens. You keep putting tasks off until the last minute or you keep leaving it for another day. 

You may even feel like you lack self-discipline in particular areas. 

Goal setting is one of the ways to create life, and for some people that’s really scary. Some people don’t enjoy goal setting but they don’t realise that they’ve been doing it all their lives.

Success often stems from these goals, whether or not you’ve actively set them. 

But are you tired of setting goals year after year and not seeing the results you want? 

The good news is that there’s a bulletproof way to make it happen and achieve your goals.

I have 6 steps to share with you that will get you results but there’s an important disclaimer: This will only work if you put in the effort. 

Step 1: Redefine Your Goals

The first thing is to change how you look at goals and think about them as things you want in your life that would make it amazing. 

Where would you like to go? How would you like to feel?

Step 2: Make an Immediate Decision

Decide right now. As you read this, pause and decide. What would you like to achieve in the next 12 weeks?

Don’t decide on a million things. Just focus on one, two, or three things that you genuinely desire and that would bring joy to your life.

And make it fun. There should be no option for boring goals. 

Step 3: Breaking It Down 

Take one of your goals and break it down into small achievable steps that you can take daily over the next 12 weeks.

Don’t pick the smallest thing you can think of but pick something that would be fun to have and break it into small steps that will make it impossible for you to fail. 

For example, if you want to write a book. It’s going to take you one whole year to write that book. 

But you decide that over the next 12 weeks, you’re going to write a manageable amount of words, say 2000 words maybe. 

Step 4: Extend the Deadline

If it’s a huge goal that will actually take you two or three years to accomplish, break it down into four different steps, and four mini-goals. 

Then break those mini-goals down into 12 steps. 

This approach will allow you to take a massive goal, break it down over a period and you will see progress sooner than you think is possible. 

Step 5: Schedule and Commit

This is super important. Decide when you’ll do it and schedule it in your calendar. Make it so easy that you can’t fail. 

Step 6: Take the First Step

Do the first step now. The keyword here is DO. If you’re hesitating about any of them now, maybe they weren’t small enough. So go back to step 3 and make it even smaller. 

This way of doing your goal setting is all about the journey, not just the end goal. 

The goals are just directions in which we’re heading. If you focus on the actual journey itself, you’re going to get a lot done.

So, what are you waiting for? Insha’Allah, it’s time to start working toward the life you truly desire.

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