Imagine having the power to overcome any obstacles and conquer your challenges. It’s not wishful thinking or too good to be true; it’s something within your grasp, and you’ve been doing it all along.

In this article, we hone in on the thing that creates your life experience, or a lot of it anyway. 

It’s something you have complete control over.

You’ve been doing it all your life and  I’m going to show you how. 

In this type of coaching and therapy work, what I find is that a lot of people don’t even realise that they’re doing it, what’s creating their experience, and how they’re going through life.

Stumbling into success or stumbling over obstacles, and falling into the challenges that they fall into.

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So I want to focus on how you grow and how you actually create the successes in life. The way this happens is all internal.

It’s something that you have complete control over. I’m sure you’ve heard this simple phrase many times. “What you focus on grows.”

What you focus on will become everything for you. If you change your focus, you change your life. 

I want you to see the attention that you place anywhere in your life, as fertiliser. 

I don’t want to say manure. It’s fertiliser, something that nourishes and helps to grow whatever it lands on. 

Wherever you put your attention and your concentration, it’s almost like you’re putting a concentrated amount of fertiliser on that thing.

If you put your concentrated attention on any area of your life, you’re going to see massive growth. 

But it will take time to happen. It won’t happen quickly. 

With fertiliser, as you know, you put the fertiliser on whichever area of your garden you want to grow. 

You plant the seeds. And you water it.

You add the fertiliser and and you water it some more. And it grows but you can’t see it growing. 

In fact, most of the time, you’re not going to even see it for months, until it actually starts to sprout. 

And you start to actually see some growth. 

But the reality is that most of the time, you put it in there with absolute trust and belief that something will happen. 

If you put the fertiliser on, if you sow the seeds, and you do what you’ve got to do, it’ll grow exponentially into some plant life or some form of life that you can actually feed off. 

This is what your life’s like. This is what your mind is like. 

Wherever you put that attention, it’s as though you’re placing fertiliser on that area of life. If you put it in one area of your life, you’re going to see that area grow. 

If you place it in another area of life, let’s say your relationships, you’re going to see your relationships grow. 

Here’s the good news and the bad news. 

Remember that the fertiliser is your attention. It will make whatever you pour the fertiliser on, whatever you focus on, grow, good or bad. 

So if in tiny places you’ve got some bad stuff growing, some bad stuff in your life, you’ve got the weeds of your mind, the weeds of your life. 

If you place all of your attention on those places, it starts to grow. 

Even if it’s not real in the present moment, but you place your attention on bad memories and bad experiences that you’ve had, then it’s going to grow.

The weeds of your mind will start to grow until it fills up your mind. Then all that you see will be the weeds of your memories. 

The more you pour on the fertiliser, the more you place your attention on these weeds, and the more they’re going to grow. 

They’re going to grow and grow until they fill up your entire site of mind. Whatever you can see in your mind, will be full of weeds, the weeds of memories. 

You’re going to think it’s just happening to you, and your life is full of it. The reality is that you’ve just placed a heavy amount of fertiliser on it. 

The more fertiliser you place on it, the more it grows, the more you water it, the more it grows. 

But here’s the good news. 


If you find a patch of flowers, the flowers of your mind, the beautiful experiences of your mind, the good memories of your mind, and you pour the fertiliser onto that, then the flowers will start to blossom. 

The memories will start to blossom.

You’re going to add beautiful colour to it until it fills up your mind.

Then, in the mind’s eye, in your perception, your mind is full of beautiful things, beautiful memories. 

The more fertiliser you place on that, the more it grows. 

Don’t forget the fertiliser is your attention. It’s the thing that gives something life. 

The more you focus on it, the more it comes to life. And it becomes full of everything that it has in its essence.

If you focus on all of the bad stuff, on all of the bad memories, and you pour your attention onto that, you pour the fertiliser onto that and you keep watering, it will fill your mind up. 

If you do the opposite and you focus on the beautiful memories and the beautiful things in your life, the blessings in your life.

Whatever they may be; your relationships with your children, your relationship with your parents, your siblings, your health, your wealth, whatever blessing that you focus on. 

The more you focus on that, the more fertiliser you pour on that, and the more grateful you become.

The more grateful you become, the more you get of it.

And before you know it, the site of mind is full of the blessings of your life.

With the beautiful colours and the beautiful fragrances and the beautiful memories. All of that stuff will just fill up your mind and it will consume your mind until your mind is full of that beauty. 

We’re talking about mind in the Science of the Nafs so we’re talking about the heart. 

When your heart is full of beauty, acceptance, and gratitude, then you’re going to become way more connected to Allah (swt). 

You’re going to be way more susceptible, being open to accepting and seeing the blessings of your life.

Because your attention has been poured on the blessings of your life and that has grown in your mind.

The most powerful thing about this is your attention, the fertiliser of your life, the thing that makes your life grow. I want you to really understand it. 

Whatever area you decide to put it on, the thing that actually gives life to all of the bad memories or the good memories, the thing that gives life to the goodness in your life right now, or the stuff that you’re not happy with right now is where you place the fertiliser of your mind.

Where you place that attention, where you focus on.

Because when you focus on that place, then that will grow. And the most beautiful thing about this is that you get to decide where you place it. 


You’re the one that’s pouring the fertiliser on, you’re the one that gets to choose where you place it. 

Most people don’t even realise that they’re in charge of where they place their attention and where they put their mind. 

When you take control of that, then everything changes.

Just think about this for a second.

Who decides where your attention goes? You decide.

Very often,  a lot of people who I’m working with, really smart and intelligent people tell me they don’t have control.

And the reason they don’t have any control is that they’ve placed their attention on the weed of doubt.

They’ve placed their attention on the weeds of those thoughts, those weeds in the mind, the ones that tell you, you can’t do things.

The ones that tell you, you have no ability, the ones that make you think that you have no control. 

The reality is that even those thoughts, the more you water it , the more attention you put on it, the more you believe it.

The less attention you put on it. And the more you put it on belief, believing in yourself, believing in Allah (swt), believing that Allah takes care of your affairs no matter what.

When you put your attention on those thoughts and those beliefs, then that grows. 

The more you water it, the more it grows. This is one of the most powerful things in the world. 

You get to choose. This is why Allah (swt) says,

‘There is no compulsion’

You get to choose. The most powerful thing about it is if you understand that you have options, then you can choose wherever you want to focus and place your attention.

It doesn’t mean that just by having the ability to choose, all of these bad memories just disappear. 

But bad memories, bad situations, or situations you find yourself in that you don’t like doesn’t have to consume your life. 

By consume your life, I mean consume your mind.

When it consumes your mind, then it consumes your life.

Because our lives are driven by what we focus on and what we put our attention on.

Our lives are driven by what we believe.

You can just make a choice, if you can understand and recognise that you have that choice, and you choose to pour the fertiliser of your mind and grow the things you love instead of the things you don’t love. 

Then your life will be full of things you love. Your life will be full of enjoyment. 

It doesn’t mean it won’t have all the weeds. You still have weeds in your garden. But you don’t have to let them grow.

You don’t water them and you don’t put your fertiliser on the weed.

When you choose not to do that, then naturally the things that are going to blossom and grow are beautiful things in life.

That’s a very powerful choice that we’ve been given by the Creator;Ar Razaaq, Al Manaan, the One who gives you everything.

So if you can take that, and use it in your favour, then you change the direction of your life. 

Your life becomes whatever your mind is consumed with. 

If your mind is consumed with all of the good stuff, then even if the bad stuff is there sometimes, the things you don’t like,  you can deal with that.

It’s no big deal because the majority of what you are consumed by is the beautiful blessings that Allah (swt) has given you. 

Every one of us has that. Our lives are full of blessings. And when we don’t see it, then we forego the benefits of it. 

Because we’re too focused on all the things we don’t have, and all the things we don’t want. 

And all of the weeds of your life, if you focus on them, the weeds will grow. 

So you need to focus on the blessings, the flowers of your life and your life will be full of all the things you want. 

That brings us all the way to gratitude. Being grateful. 

When you are grateful, Allah (swt)  will just bless you with more. 

So when you’re totally swept away by all of the Blessings of your life, they just grow, grow, grow. 

The gratitude that comes from that is going to bring more blessings into your life. It’s amazing. But you’ve got to start the cycle by making a choice. 

By deciding where you’re going to put the fertiliser of your mind. 

Where does your attention go? Where does your focus go?

What are you going to allow to grow? 

Is it going to be the weeds of your life? Is it going to be the weeds of your mind, all of that negative nonsense that creates this havoc for us?

Or are you going to focus on the goodness, the blessings, and all of the abundance in your life? 

When you do that, then it completely transforms your experience. 


If this makes sense to you, and you understand it, and you’re ready to run with it, then I suggest you get practising, doing this every day for the next 30 days.

You’ve got to do it intentionally. 

Because if you don’t do it intentionally, you won’t see the fruits of it.

You read this right at the beginning- when you pour the fertiliser on, it doesn’t grow immediately. 

You have to allow it to grow, you have to be patient with it. 

You have to take the steps. Do it for 30 days and see how you feel. 

You’ll see that your life starts to change pretty rapidly.

It doesn’t take months. This fertiliser of attention is super powerful. It’s like the best fertiliser in the world.

It was created by the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth.

It’s not that nonsense cheap stuff, that takes months and months. This stuff works, but you have to apply it. 

Try that for 30 days and see how that works for you. And then do it for another 30.

When that works for you, amazing.

Then do that for another 30 and you’re going to see that your life starts to change massively.

This is what grows your life folk.

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