This episode is a journey into how to feel good again, even with life’s challenges and uncertainties. 

We all seek happiness and positive emotions, yet at times, we find ourselves caught in a cycle of negative feelings.

What You’ll Learn in this Podcast:

  1. How to feel good and recognise your choices.
  2. The power of seeking forgiveness.
  3. How to develop a mindset that leads to a fulfilling and joyful life. 

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Your Power to Create Happiness & Joy in Life 

As humans, our natural inclination is to feel good about ourselves and our lives. That doesn’t mean we are selfish.

Just like an internal alarm system, our emotions act as signals guiding us towards areas needing our focus and attention. 

For example, when we experience negative emotions like guilt or sadness, it’s an indicator that something requires our focus.

A common example is when we feel guilty about things that we’ve done and the mistakes we’ve made.

One of the key paths to extinguishing that feeling, to get rid of it, is to seek forgiveness, and to turn back to Allah. 

Seeking forgiveness and turning back to Allah is a doorway that frees us from the negative feelings that weigh us down. 

We need to use this door more often so that we don’t stay stuck in those negative feelings.

Feeling good is a choice, but only when you realise you have that choice. 

We tend to default to whatever circumstance we’re being subjected to. Or, whatever circumstance we find ourselves in or choose to be in.

If we understand that we hold the power to influence our emotions, we can break free from becoming victims of external circumstances.

Most of the challenges that we experience in life are all about the way we feel.

If you are subjected to circumstances, if you are left to become the victim of circumstance, if you do not take control of yourself, then you’re going to be subject to the challenges of having all these bad feelings. 

This is one of the principals that I teach in the Nafs Coaching School, in my training programme; the Ilmu Nafs; the science of the self.

This comprehensive, Islamic science reveals the simplicity in the design of human emotions. Allah (swt) put simplicity in the design of his creation. The way that we work is simple by divine design. 

The way our feelings, our thoughts, and our emotions work is very simple. 

We have the ability to choose how we feel. It is all about understanding that power.

Our beliefs and focus shape our emotions. That means if you can take control of whatever it is you’re choosing to focus on, choosing to feel, you can take control of the way you experience life.

The state of your heart is about what you think and believe, what you focus on. 

Whether we lean towards anxiety and stress or contentment and tranquillity, it’s our heart’s beliefs that guide our emotional state.

If you think and believe everything that comes to mind, you’ll forever be in a state of panic.

You’re going to be in a desperate state because you’re subjected to every single thought and belief.

When you look at the verses of the Quran, Allah (swt) always talks about belief. 

The ultimate contentment lies in connecting to and remembering Allah (swt). 

When you connect to Ar Rahman, to Ar Rahim, through your beliefs, thinking, and remembrance, you will feel that ease.

It’s impossible to find this anywhere else. You’ll only ever feel that peace, tranquillity, and security in that connection with Allah.

When you find that peace, you will find everything that you need in life. The turbulence in your life will disappear. 

That is the state of the heart. That’s the very thing you’ve got to focus on.  

Feeling good again is within your grasp. The one thing that is always true is that Allah (swt); Ar Rahman is always looking out for you.

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