This episode is a talk about the loss of a loved one and more particularly the loss of the love.

It’s an experience we all share. It affects us deeply. 

And if we don’t understand how to deal with it, it’s extremely difficult and it might seem like the pain will last forever.

But loss isn’t forever. 

What You’ll Learn in this Podcast:

  1. The legacy of Love. 
  2. How to reframe loss.
  3. Understanding the depths of love and loss.

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Love, Loss, Grief and Sadness – The Path Forward

The love that you feel you lose is never lost as long as you don’t lose Allah.

Allah (swt) says in the Quran,

‘Every soul shall taste Death.’

Death is the transition to our next life; Al Akhirah. 

Sometimes we think of it as the end but it’s not the end. The Akhirah is our life after Dunya; this worldly life. 

The love we feel in the Dunya is temporary. But when we lose that love, we grieve and we mourn and we’re sad. It’s natural because we don’t fully understand it. 

So, we have to reframe our understanding of loss. The Prophet (saw) taught us about the afterlife and that the separation between loved ones is temporary. 

He also taught us that we will be raised with the ones we love. We learn this from the Hadith about the man who asked the Prophet(saw) about the Day of Judgement. 

The Prophet (saw) then asked him what he prepared for it, to which he responded that he prepared nothing but love for Allah and His Messenger (saw).

And the Prophet (saw) then told him that you will be raised with the ones you love. 

This story highlights the importance of loving Allah (swt) and the Messenger (saw). This love is in our thoughts and hearts but we also have to love them in our actions. 

It’s the same with our parents and family and loved ones in this world.  We enjoy being with them because we love them. We nurture that love and we show it in our actions.

We feel that love within so we can’t lose that love. 

Think about your parents. We are their legacy. The love we feel is within us so we cannot lose that love. 

It’s important to live the legacy. To become the legacy. The condition is that we don’t lose sight of Allah. 

We nurture the love in our hearts for Him and the Prophet(saw) so that we get the guarantee of being raised with our loved ones.

How do we do this? 

By understanding who Allah is, by following the Messenger (saw), and by being obedient. 

There’s no real loss for those who strive to be the legacy, and who live according to what Allah guides us with, in Revelation. 

Being the legacy means we live in this world as though we’re the inhabitants of Jannah. We live in this world in preparation for that eternal phase of our lives. 

We live in this world as the fruits. We remember that separation is temporary and we love and remember our loved ones, looking forward to love with them eternally. 

Loss is only if we live in this world as if it’s all that matters or all there is because our choices will lead to loss. 

You can’t lose anyone if you don’t lose Allah. Because no matter what, a person will be raised with whom they love. 

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