In this episode, I talk about self-doubt and how it impacts different aspects of our lives, and I share practical steps to overcome it or eliminate it. 

Self-doubt can be a huge roadblock on our journey towards creating the life we truly want.

What You’ll Learn in this Podcast:

  1. Identifying doubt and recognising the red flags. 
  2. How to deal with doubt holistically.
  3. Creating certainty and overcoming doubt.

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Self-Doubt the Roadblock in Your Life

Self-doubt can be doubting the possibility of achieving your goals, doubting the opportunities that come your way, doubting people, and even doubting Allah (swt).

The doubt in Allah (swt), we don’t do purposely, but it’s more an issue of doubting if we’re supported and doubting if our Duas are being answered. 

When I’m training my coaches, taking my clients, and my students through a process of transforming their lives, one of the biggest things that they all struggle with is doubt. 

The thing is, they are not the only ones. Doubt is a challenge that many people face. 

Doubt can ruin your confidence, no matter who you are or how successful you are. 

Even leaders who drive change and impact the lives of others, often wrestle with self-doubt. 

Doubt can have a paralysing effect and it can prevent us from making confident decisions. It could even cause fear of both success and failure.

The good news is we can move forward and to do so, we have to face the doubt and uncertainty that comes with growth and success. 

Doubts are thoughts.

Understanding the cause of it and recognising it, is the first step towards eliminating it. Taking a moment to pause and sit with it teaches you a lot about what’s going on. 

This is what we work on with all the coaching that we do. We’re always looking for the causal factors. 

We want to deconstruct it and delete it. 

When you get to the core of the doubt, you reach a peak level of awareness and you can then pinpoint the thoughts and feelings causing it.

Then you take the tools that I teach you and apply them to your life.

At this point, you’re going to understand that doubt doesn’t have to control your life.

That spiritual connection is what you need to rejuvenate. The way that you connect with Allah (swt), and the way that you live your life and show up in your daily life will change completely. 

The solution is always going to be your spiritual connection and your psychological state. 

These two are intertwined and if you deal with them separately, you won’t get the same results.

Through the Science of the Nafs, we deal with this holistically. 

Human beings are holistic, a combination of spiritual, psychological, and physiological.

And that’s how you need to deal with yourself. That’s how you need to deal with all these issues. 

By recognising the sources of your doubt and using the Science of the Nafs tools, you can instil a sense of certainty in your life. 

This certainty can lead to a calm mind, emotional balance, and overall well-being.

That’s what we all want. 

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