In this week’s episode we take a closer look at something that creates havoc for many of us, yet for most of us don’t even realise that we’re doing it. 

Often, we get stuck in the feeling of resentment and anger, and at times that anger is directed at life and what’s going on, or worse that anger is directed at Allah. 

What You’ll Learn in this Podcast:

  1. How to embrace your God given power of choice.
  2. The key to break free from anger, resentment and self-sabotage.
  3. Reflection – The doorway to awareness and emotional freedom.

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Constantly Angry – What to do when I’m feel angry at Allah and Life

Resentment can create internal havoc for us, affecting our thoughts, behaviours, and ultimately our relationships with our loved ones, but more importantly with Allah.

Often, the source of this anger and resentment stems from our past experiences and negative emotions that we carry with us, and in some cases for many years.

Even though you feel you’ve moved on from it, you’re getting on with your life, every now and then, it rears its head and you end up self-sabotaging. 

The similitude is like an invisible wall that you’re forever knocking into. The discontent lingers in the background, and that invisible wall stops all your efforts to thrive in life, develop, grow and attain true happiness both personally and professionally.

Often, we talk about how this is holding us back and it’s this that’s keeping us stuck. We have this pent up anger and resentment toward Allah, as we feel abandoned.

At some point in life this affects many of us, if not most of us. We then get into a fit of withdrawal, anger, resentment, or sadness, whatever that feeling is, we certainly don’t like experiencing it. 

It’s like a storm of emotion raging inside of you. 

An ideal approach to dealing with this type of internal turmoil is to inject mercy and compassion into our daily interactions and thoughts.

Imagine you show up in your life, every single day, willing to inject mercy & compassion into every conversation, into every thought, into every interaction you have with others. What would your life and relationships look like?

The first step to resolving this internal storm is to come to the realisation that you have a choice. To overcome resentment, anger and all the other dreadful feelings you hate feeling, is to recgonise that you have the power to choose your results. 

Making decisions that lead to positive change and emotional freedom is your God given skill.  

Choice means change. And the fact that Allah (swt) has afforded us these choices, means that the fruits of our decisions are down to us.

Sure, the outcome, the results, everything is by the decree of Allah. 

However, it’s also the decree of Allah that He, (swt) gave everyone free will. It’s because of this free will that we’ve all been granted, that we’re going to be either rewarded or punished according to  our behaviour, according to what we create with our choices. 

Instead of fixating on blame, you’ve got to understand that behaviour is a result of thoughts and feelings. 

We can stop the blame game and change our mindset. 

Don’t blame yourself, don’t blame others. For sure, do not blame Allah (swt).

If you don’t like a situation, if you don’t like what’s going on in your life or relationships, make a decision to change it. 

Your ability to choose your life is one of the greatest blessings that you have. So don’t see it as a curse, see it for what it is, and that freedom. 

You can free yourself from all of those toxic thoughts and emotions you’re feeling.

Even though your mind may have justified it for you, maybe it’s because of the bad behaviour of others. However, by choosing, by making an intention choice you get the power back and are able to change the results to exactly what you want. 

You’re able to finally just let that go of it. 

You can hand it over to Allah at any given moment. 

Reflection is the key to having that freedom.

Rather than remaining trapped in the emotional storms, we can choose freedom, you can choose to let go of resentment, blame, and toxic emotions that don’t serve you.

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