This is life transformation for personal and professional success. In this episode Abdul shahid shares the planning process to succeed in a 12 months short window. You can do exactly the same. Build your life with Allah, Mental and emotional health, and create Business and Money success.

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What You’ll Learn in this Podcast:

1. How I plan every year 12 months before I create the Success.

2. The three things that will guarantee you get amazing life results

3. How I transform my Mental and emotional health in such a short time

4. Create Results in your Life 2024. Making life transformation happen in 3 essential stages.

This is going to be the beginning of your New Future insha’Allah. 

Enjoy ! 

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About the Author: Abdul Shahid – Master Coach Trainer & Therapist of Professional Life Coaches, pioneering The Science of the Nafs Psychology model for healing, transformation and peak performance. Specialist in Mind health, wealth and mastery using this Quran and sunnah based Spiritual Psychology.