Are you worried about your financial situation, the world economy, and the way it’s going to impact your life?

Many of you folk, like my students, new entrepreneurs, business owners, and professionals are worried about this.

If you want to squash that worry, turn it around, and take charge and control of your situation in your life, then this article will help you with that shift. 

We look at it from a business angle, an angle of financial wealth and abundance, and all of those things that you and I both want.

Let’s be honest, we all want it. Even those of us who are too righteous or modest to admit it.

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We all want it, but we want it with the best of intentions. 

This is an unusual blog topic for me – Money.

We’re talking about entrepreneurship, getting unstuck, and not allowing the economic waves to drown you. 

That’s a bit dramatic, isn’t it? Or maybe not when you think about it. 

Everyone’s keeping a sharp eye on it.

Really worried and stressed and working ourselves up into a flurry of fear. 

I want you to imagine the first thing in the morning when you wake up.

Not when you wake up and go straight into anxiety. But when you wake up, you’ve got a calm morning, free from anxiety.

That happens when we have a clear mind. We haven’t jumped into the pool of emotional fear and worry yet. 

But the minute you log into social media, or you get on to the news, or you start reading whatever everyone else is putting out there, the fear kicks in. 

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We automatically get brainwashed into this “fear zombie” state. 

Imagine going through your life as zombified( yes there’s such a word), using fear, anxiety, and all of the worry, or the stress, all of those negative things.

If you’re constantly in that state, it will turn you into a physical zombie in terms of your behaviours. 

You’re not going to be too proactive.

Many of you, many of my students, are business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals in your careers, and you flourish despite the different downturns in the market. 

But because of the changes, we’re getting into this state of fear that’s impacting us and impacting our productivity, impacting the way that we show up in our workday, feeling demotivated, feeling like the sky is about to fall on us. 

Many of you send me messages about this and you get into a state. 

It’s like a state of mental drama where we put the brakes on.

We know what to do, but we apply the brakes and we start to procrastinate. 

We start playing out the worst-case scenario in our minds, thinking that we’re just being cautious.

We start thinking we’re just setting ourselves up for the eventuality of everything going wrong, but you can see it in your thinking.

Imagine this is happening to you and I want you to ask yourself, Why is it happening?

I’m not talking about losing a bit of money or losing some of our resources.

Because all of those resources, the money, the wealth, whatever it is that you feel like you’re losing, all of those things are ultimately from Allah (swt).

That means you can have it back anytime you want. But you’ve got to do your part in this. Your part is to go out and get it. 

When we get into this drama, as I do sometimes even though I’ve got years and years of business experience and business development.

I know how to do the sales stuff but even so, if I don’t control the way my mind works, then I can get into that drama trap.

It’s like a mental funk that we get into where we deplete our own energy, and all the skills and the strategy and the experience that you have go straight out the window, and down the toilet. 

At that moment, you lose all of it because you’re unable to use the skills and experience that you have. 

But there are two things you can always rely on. 

The first thing is managing your emotional state.

When you manage your emotional state, you prepare yourself for a clear runway so that you can run for it. 

You can create stuff in the world that will bring in your income.

If you’re a business owner, it requires us to take action.

When we take the action, there’s always fruit.The behaviours that we engage in create fruits.

So decide that you’re going to take action but the action has to come from a good place. 

If it doesn’t come from this energy and expectation of good, then 

it’s going to come from poverty thinking.

The world is coming down, the sky is falling down, and the markets are turning upside down. 


  • So what if the markets are turning upside down
  • So what if there’s a storm in our midst, 
  • So what if everything around us is the way it is

The most important thing is you and how you show up in that life.

If you put your trust totally in the one who provides your Rizq, then you can become energised.

You can get motivated again. 

You can get back into that place where you feel like the economy isn’t what dictates your income, your business, and how you do in life.

What dictates how you do is you showing up with the best expectations and the best energy. 

To do that, you’ve got to clear up that mental, emotional sticking point, the dips that we fall into. 

As you clear that up, you step into the world with this revived energy, motivation, drive, and tenacity.

Those things will give you what you need, the power behind your skill set.

Your skill set has always been there. 

You know how to do this, but what I find a lot when I’m training people is that as we go out into the marketplace, people always have the excuse that it’s seasonal, or it’s the market downturn, or it’s a celebration moment, no one’s out there, no one’s really wanting the help. 


The marketplace is this bustling place. It’s moving, it never dries up, is like the sea.

Allah (swt) is the one that replenishes it over and over again  and it’s full of bounties. 

But when we get into this frame of mind, 

“it’s all dried up, there’s nothing more, it’s a seasonal gap. “

“I may as well just pack up shop and just sit and wait.” 

Then you’re following your own thinking and your thinking is causing a lot of awful feelings for you. 

You get stuck in that and you’re not showing up doing what you can do because you’re resourceful.

When you clear your mind, you become super resourceful and you will start to take action.

One of the most important things to create financial wealth or material resources in the world is setting yourself up so that you can go out into the world with the right tools and the right approach.

When you come out into the world with the right tools and the right approach, even when everyone else shuts up shop, and you show up, Allah (swt) gives you the Rizq that you went out for.

You can’t lose. 

But we become reliant on the weather. If you’re like me and you live in the UK, you know the weather is unpredictable. 

If you become reliant on that weather, then you’re going to be in a storm.

It’s not going to be nice. It’s not going to be pretty. 

The thing is, to rely on anyone, you have to rely upon Allah(swt)  Allah because He is Ar Razzaq. And secondly, you have to rely on yourself. 

We struggle in our reliance because we’re in that mental funk. 

When we get into that, we don’t show up because we have all these doubts. 

We hear and say things like, “It’s true, everyone else is saying it, it’s a fact. It’s in the news. Everyone’s talking about it, people are losing.” 

It’s almost like we become sheep and we just follow. 

We’re just following the sheep straight into the storm. 


We were not created to be sheep folk. You were created to be a leader of your life. 

The way you do that is you take the first step, clear up your mind, then step into reliance upon Allah (swt) and reliance upon yourself. 

When you learn to do that, you’ll show up with the greatest energy and motivation. You won’t allow your thoughts and excuses to have you stuck.

Because you’re too smart for that. 

Tap into your God-given ability to think and use that thinking to create the best results. It’s the thing that raises you above all else.

You have the ability. 

Many of my students on the Nafs transformation programme, run their own businesses or they’re professionals, or they’re in management.

They get into this mental funk and it holds them back from their own potential until they unlock themselves. 

As you go through this journey, you learn to unlock your mind, your emotions, and your behaviours, and you stop procrastinating.

You stop being a perfectionist, you stop fearing failure, and you step in with confidence and certainty in the world. 

When you have the right tools, you’ll create a difference. 

Put your trust in Allah (swt), put your trust in yourself, and become resourceful because you already have the skills. And if you need new skills, learn them because you can do it. 

As soon as you do that opportunity opens up. The opportunity was always there. Because Allah (swt) is always replenishing us with these opportunities. 

That’s all you’ve got to do. Step into it and it will make all the difference. 

Don’t be sucked into a vortex of negative thinking and emotions and behaviours. Because you’ll be impacted by it. 

If you’re getting stuck in your business, your career, or in your life because of what’s happening now in the world, there is a solution.

The Nafs transformation process is taking control of your life and creating what you want in your life. 

If you’re getting stuck in this and you really want some support and getting out of it, join us on the journey. This is the solution. 

There’s no doubt about it in my mind, or any of the people that go through it. 

So many people go through and say it’s what they’ve looked for their whole life.  

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