This is another great episode that looks at how transformational coaching helps you to overcome and free yourself from extreme fear that has you stuck and almost frozen in life. 

The most recent event where people grappled with fear was the Covid-19 pandemic. Even though it’s in our rearview, we’ve seen how fear gripped the world. 

What You’ll Learn in this Podcast:

  1. How to stop anxiety and panic attacks.
  2. Understanding fear and trusting Allah. 
  3. Practical tips for challenging times.

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Overcoming Fear That Has You Stuck in Life

That’s why it’s such an important topic, not just during uncertain times. 

The thing is, fear creates many emotional and physical issues like stress,anxiety, panic, and other physical symptoms. For example, shortness of breath, asthma attacks, rashes, and autoimmune issues.

Stress is an underlying factor in weakening a person’s immune system and making us vulnerable.

These are psychosomatic symptoms. It’s psychological but it’s creating physical symptoms, and a lot of people experience this.

It becomes like a vicious cycle that we find ourselves in. 

You try to avoid stress but then you get stressed out and your immune system becomes vulnerable. 

If you’re experiencing extreme fear, it’s because you’re constantly feeding your mind with scary thoughts. That’s what’s really going on. 

So slow down, and just breathe and relax. 

As humans, we’re built to handle life’s challenges. If you look at history, we’ve always managed to overcome every challenge. 

You might be saying to yourself, ‘I can’t handle this.’ 

But you can handle this. You were built to handle this. You might feel alone sometimes but you’re never alone. 

That’s what gives me security. 

I know there’s an eternally loving Creator that’s always looking after me. Trusting in Allah(swt) gives you the strength to overcome challenges at all times. 

The uncertainty of what comes next is what scares people. That’s what makes us fear. But you can trust that we were built to last, and you’ll be okay. 

In crises, people step up and become amazing. The truth is, they were always those amazing people. 

There are always blessings. And the most amazing, God-given blessing that you have is your mind. 

My perspective during the Covid pandemic as a Muslim was that God has given me a bit of time to just chill out and relax. 

The quickest change you can make is changing yourself, changing the way you’re being. Not coming from a place of being on edge and constant fear. 

Don’t allow fear to dominate your life. Most of the time it’s not real and you have the power to change it. 

You just need to realise that you’re actually safe. Look around and you’ll see that.

I’ll give you a quick anxiety reducer. This will help you to stay balanced, with a clear mind that finds solutions. 

Stop, clear your mind of anything and everything and just breathe. Hold it and slowly let your breath out. And just keep doing that. Deep breathing, slow breathing, not too slow. And definitely not fast. 

Stop the flow of negative information, the consumption of news and social media that feeds your fear.

What you consume will create what you feel. So if you consume fear-inducing horror stories, constantly read the news, and listen to the news, then you will feel fear all the time. 

Instead, stay connected with positive influences and channels that help you prosper mentally and emotionally. 

Reach out to other people. Help other people. You can thrive in uncertainty or challenging times. 

You can be in the service of humanity. 

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