Why can’t you stop the self Doubt? Overcoming self doubt seems to be so difficult for many of us and most of us don’t know why but you’re about to find out.  (Listen Below)

The way doubt shows up in in the thinking about whether you’re making the right decisions. Often you look at the results in your life and you doubt yourself because you just can’t understand why you would have made the decisions that led you to this place.

Sometimes you’re doubting your own abilities because you keep acting in ways you don’t like, you get angry, you get sad and resentful and then later wonder why you can’t keep it together. 

Self doubt is a major destabiliser in life. It has you confused, unsure and always second guessing all of your decisions even when you get it right. 

That’s the worse one, you tell yourself it could have been better. This usually happens to my clients who are leaders, business owners.  This is when you start giving yourself such a hard time because you aren’t meeting your own expectations of yourself.

If you want to understand how to change this, we discuss this in todays podcast. 

You’re going to learn how to overcome this insha’Allah so pay close attention. 


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