Self-doubt is an essential topic to address as we all struggle with it from time to time, some more so than others. It’s pivotal for personal & professional growth and achieving a fulfilled life you truly love. 

In this episode we take a deeper look at how to stop self doubt in its tracks, and if left unchecked how it can adversely affect every aspect of our lives. 

What You’ll Learn in this Podcast:

  1. How to redefine the trajectory of your life. 
  2. How to create certainty & stability, and wipe out self doubts. 
  3. Understand the Best Transformation Tool: The Science of the Nafs Psychology model.

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The Root Cause of Self Doubt & Tools to Overcome It

If you’ve gone through life struggling with doubt, self-doubt, doubting other people, doubting your relationships, your work, your worth, even doubting your Creator.

Subhanallah, no one likes to say that but the reality is, that’s exactly what people do.

Now, the doubt isn’t about whether or not there’s a Creator, but rather it’s about whether Allah has you in his plans, whether he’s got you back and if he’s taking care of you. 

Personal and professional setbacks, negative experiences can lead to a cloud of doubt.

It’s like we’re at a crossroads and we’re torn between spiritual connection and the inner turmoil you’re struggling with. 

Often people find when the doubt is reduced, they’re not having as many doubts throughout the day, they feel a little better, more stable and feel as though life is alright in that moment. 

However, when the doubts start to increase, that’s when the internal turmoil begins to take hold. We start to struggle in our relationships, in our mental and spiritual well-being and there’s a cascading effect throughout your life. 

The worst of the doubts is that people doubt themselves.

You doubt every decision you’re making, and doubt just about every area of your life. You begin to second-guess everything you do. 

You start to believe you don’t ever make the right decisions, and that you’re messing up all your relationships. You begin to think that the people around you are not helping either, they’re not supporting you enough, they just don’t care about you. 

The ultimate doubt is you start to think that Allah (swt) isn’t taking care of you, and very often in this state, we act out. 

We start shouting, we get defensive, and we find ourselves forever on edge with ourselves and those around us. 

The antidote to all of this is certainty. 

If you’re in a state of certainty, you’re not going to be plagued with indecisions, or with all the self doubts. You can actually begin to do well in life. 

You start to find your way out of any type of depressive thinking, anxiousness, and even panic attacks.

Many of the people that I’ve worked with find their way out of panic attacks when they gain that level of stability which gives you certainty. 

Stability comes from certainty of, “I’m going to be alright”,

“I am alright and Allah (swt) is taking care of me, as He (swt) has always.” 

When I train people, I take them through psychological transformations, and what we focus on is pure, it’s 100% through the Huda ( the Divine Guidance). 

With the guidance of Allah (swt), we can overcome life’s challenges with confidence and stability. 

By aligning our thoughts and actions with the Quranic guidance, we break free from the cycle of doubt, and all the destructive effects that has on our lives. 

This is what you learn through the Science of the Nafs model. 

The Science of the Nafs is a spiritual psychology model of therapy and transformation.

It’s about doing well in life, excelling in every aspect of your life, and really getting yourself to a place where you can love life again and flourish.

Awareness is key, and you can wipe away doubt and get rid of it for good inshAllah.

When you get rid of doubt, then your life becomes stable again. You get onto a trajectory of stability and you do well in every area of life. 

You’ll begin to thrive, and you’ll start to love your life Insha’Allah.

Using Allah’s divine guidance, and through the application of the Science of the Nafs, we can achieve a life filled with certainty, love, and fulfilment. 

When we embrace these transformative lessons, we open the door to a future free from doubt, and embrace our full potential.


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About the Author: Abdul Shahid – Life Transformation Coach & Principle Trainer of Professional Muslim Coaches using the Science of the Nafs coaching and peak performance science. Specialist in Mind health, wealth and mastery using this Quran and sunnah based Spiritual Psychology model.

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