In this super informative episode, we dive into the causes of marital discord and the subsequent Avoidance Behaviour, Anger and Anxiety that come from this constant battle between husband and wife. 

What You’ll Learn in this Podcast:

  1. How to beat avoidance and build strong relationships.
  2. Empowerment through emotional leadership. 
  3. How to Cultivate a thriving marriage and family. 

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Shift from Avoidance to Approval & Unity

Avoidance is a common tendency married couples have and it often becomes a breeding ground for unresolved anger and anxiety within marriages.

The longer you leave things, the more magnified the problem becomes. 

When it finally comes out from behind the curtains of denial & avoidance it impacts your whole family life, not just your marriage. 

Avoidance carries lasting consequences, with a rippling effect throughout your life. 

When issues remain unresolved, they become a ticking time bomb, ready to explode at any moment, and when this inevitable explosion happens, it doesn’t only affect husband and wife relationship, it affects the entire family unit. 

At the heart of any family structure lies the core relationship between husband and wife. 

This partnership is the foundation, the bedrock and build block for the entire family unit.

When this foundation is shaken, because of constant conflict, the ripple effects reach everyone connected to the family. 

The problems even seep into different areas of the home. The bedroom which is a place of intimacy becomes a battleground instead. 

The living room which is the family hub for together time, fun and laughter is left empty, with everyone taking shelter in their own room. 

BUT, there is good news! It can all be solved but definitely not through avoidance.

The first key to solving this family discord is to recognise that it was created through avoidance, then begin to address the issue. 

This is one of the key fundamental skills that we build in the Nafs Coaching School. 

We do this through empowerment and creating emotional leadership. 

Rather than waiting for external factors to change, trying to manipulate or control others. In the Naf Coaching School our approach involves giving you the tools to take control of your own emotions and responses and create your results by choice.

We learn how to address issues without being reactive, overreactive, or over-emotional. 

We learn how to catch ourselves before we engage in destructive disputes, or before saying things that we later regret. 

If you’re willing to take control, willing to make a choice that you want to change your relationship. Then you’re on the road to resolving your issues inshAllah.

Your willingness to reconnect from a place of compassion and understanding, will allow you to resolve your conflict. 

Don’t wait for 20 years, another five years, or for another five months. Resolve it Now, Resolve it by Choice. 

The quality of your life is dependent on your relationships.

Society is built upon a collective of families, and the family is built upon a collective of people. 

It starts at the head with the husband and the wife. 

So, it’s imperative that we create the most amazing husband and wife relationship, because it is very possible, regardless of how long it’s been sour or turbulent. 

The power to enhance your marriage and elevate your family life is within your grasp. Take a hold, take charge, and take emotional leadership!

Your family’s well-being and your own happiness are worth the effort.

Be willing to actually look at it, that will change your life Insha’Allah.

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