This episode is a deep dive into the fear of progress, fear of the future, and how it can hold us back from opportunities. 

What You’ll Learn in this Podcast:

  1. The 4 costs of life opportunities. 
  2. Investing in yourself. 
  3. How to aim for the highest in life.

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Fear the Stumbling Block

Many times we think that opportunities haven’t come our way and we put it down to just being our destiny. But Allah(swt) gives us many opportunities and even when we see it, sometimes we’re blind to it. 

That’s because of mental blocks that cloud our vision and prevent us from seeing opportunities right in front of us. 

The fear of progress is what stands between us and progress, or achievements and what we want in our lives. 

But the real problem is that we’re not prepared to pay the cost of opportunities. 

There are four of them. It’s being willing to invest time, your mind, your energy, and your wealth into your life. 

Most people invest these in other worthy causes like their spouse, their siblings, their friends, or whatever else but where is the time for you when you do that? 

When you do that, you’re going to go through life wondering, 

‘Why doesn’t Allah (swt) present me with opportunities? 

How come everyone else is moving forward? How come they’re succeeding in their relationships?’

The thing is, you’ve got to invest in yourself.  Your goal in life is to serve your purpose. 

To serve it at the highest level, you have to make sure you look after yourself. 

One of the primary things in the Science of the Nafs that I teach all my students and all of my clients, is you’ve got to have that spiritual connection.

Spirituality, psychology and physiology.

All these things are what unifies us in our experience as a human being. 

But the cause of the problem is that we don’t believe in ourselves enough to invest in ourselves, be it the time, the mind, the energy, or the wealth.

We often place conditions on our success and well-being, which blocks us from getting what we want. 

So even when Allah (swt) presents you with an opportunity, whatever that may be, your fears of failing or your fears of progress hold you back.

We create situations where we don’t allow ourselves to go forward and make progress. 

To overcome this fear, there’s a simple strategy. You’ve got to believe first. 

Belief is a choice. You have to take a leap of faith. 

It’s a little scary in the beginning. But it’s also not scary because the minute you actually start moving in your life, Allah(swt) is going to carry you through your life as he always did.

When the Prophet(saw) advised us of Jannah, he didn’t say aim for any Jannah, he said, Firdaws al A’la; the highest Paradise. 

Aiming high is the key to unlocking our potential. The formula is the same when you aim for Dunya and Akhira. 

Follow the Muslim Minds programme. Apply it to your life. There’s a lot to understand but the steps to take are few, and they have a massive impact on your life. 

Your potential isn’t limited but it will be limited to what you follow. 

If you follow your fear, it will be limited by that. 

If you follow your beliefs, it will expand with that. 

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