In this episode, we explore the reasons for the inner turmoil we feel when our mind and heart seem to struggle for that feeling of tranquillity and peace, and the steps we can take to calm our minds. 

What You’ll Learn in this Podcast:

  1. How to calm your mind. 
  2. Spirituality and mind health connection. 
  3. How to rewire and revive your emotional state.

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A Calm Mind – A Tranquil Life 

Often, we get that peace but then life throws us off balance again. 

If you’ve ever experienced this, then you’re going to love learning how you can take control and change it all. Because our Creator; Allah (swt) has given us the ability to do so.

We start with emotional rewiring. 

Emotional rewiring is about taking charge of what you feel in your daily life and transforming it.

The link between your spiritual and mental well-being is so strong and neglecting this connection can impact your life without you even realising it. 

The reason we struggle spiritually and mentally is linked. 

Pick any challenge you’re facing in your life and think about how it makes you feel. 

The truth is there’s another problem lurking in the background that we don’t recognise. 

This problem is so big that it will impact all of your life, your relationships, the way you parent, the way you connect to your loved ones, the way you connect to your colleagues and your staff, and the way you connect to people in general. 

It’s the emotional and mental impact that hits your spiritual connection.

When you don’t have this duo of emotional and spiritual connection, you feel a disconnection.

That’s why the first step is to recognise the real problem behind the problem. 

Most of us focus on the immediate problem or what looks like the real problem. 

And lurking behind that is the problem of how you feel, both mentally and spiritually. The real problem is that it creates emotional turbulence inside you.

When it happens, look at the challenge you’re facing and ask yourself how you feel at that moment. 

How do you feel about your life? 

How do you feel when you’re making Dua? When you’re asking Allah (swt), what are you expecting? 

And what do you expect your future to look like?

The answers to those questions will tell you how you’re being impacted spiritually.

When you’re going through a struggle, and you’re about to be thrown into a level of turbulence that you can’t handle, then the quicker you take charge of your mind and emotions, the quicker you get safeguarded by your spiritual connection.

Emotional rewiring is the key to taking control of your emotions. 

By rewiring your emotional state, you’re not necessarily changing all the problems in your life, but you’re addressing the core problem that affects you the most. 

When you take charge and rewire your emotions, you revive your spiritual connection. Instead of feeling hopeless and doubtful, you begin to expect a brighter future. 

Remember, Allah (swt) has provided us with the tools to make this change. There’s nothing that the Deen has missed out on. 

You need to focus on not being impacted by your emotions and being dragged through the mud of emotional turbulence.

It’s not about going out and achieving more goals. That’s the extra benefit. The real foundation is you.

Allah(swt) created you with everything you need so you can change your life. Your mind is the key to this transformation. 

I’m not talking about your intellect. I’m talking about your mind.

It’s the mind as we know it through the Science of the Nafs. 

So, why wait? Take the steps to calm your mind today and Insha’Allah, you’ll experience the biggest change!

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