You can never truly know what’s beyond the surface, unless people let you in.

In this podcast episode, we’re dealing with the connection between self-love and acceptance, inner struggle, and success.

What You’ll Learn in this Podcast:

  1. The cause of your suffering and internal struggle. 
  2. A simple breathing exercise to reduce stress.
  3. How to succeed and be exactly who you are.  

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Begin to Love Yourself and Overcome the Inner Struggles

What often may seem like an amazing life from the outside, doesn’t seem so amazing to the person actually living it. 

Often, we’re so focused on observing others’ seemingly perfect lives, that we fail to see the battles they might be fighting beneath the surface. 

We look at other couples and how happy they look. And we question, why are we not happy in our marriage?

We look at other parents with their kids, they seem to be doing a great job! We ask, “why can’t I get it right with my kids?”

One of the traps we commonly fall into is comparing ourselves to others. Our perception of their lives as better, richer, and happier results in us wanting what they have, or perceive to have. 

This leads to the mindset of “Conditional Self-love.” Promising to love ourselves only when we reach a certain goal or match someone else’s achievements.

We have this thing about when I get over there, to the “greener grass, I’ll be happy.” 

“If I have the financial freedom or the car or the home, the amazing family life, I’ll be happy.”

We think that when we get to the success side, we will feel so much better!

“I’ll be happy with myself. Then, I’ll have a reason  to love myself and love who I am.” 

But by seeking more without acceptance and embracing the present, we deprive ourselves of the happiness we deserve.

Do you feel like you need to arrive before you can accept yourself? 

When we’re able to slow down and break down exactly what’s going on in our minds, only then can we see what we’re actually doing up in that mind.

The path to self-love requires intentional steps. Choosing to believe in ourselves, embracing our current circumstances, and accepting our uniqueness is essential. 

By intentionally letting go of the constant comparison and negative self-talk, we begin to transform our lives beyond our imagination. 

You’re always enough! And the reason you’re always enough is because Allah (swt),  the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful. The Most loving Al Wadud, the Creator of the Heavens and Earth is the one that made you exactly the way you are.

Never deficient! Never without!

Success isn’t about reaching the other side of the fence. It’s about embracing our present, loving who we are now, and building upon that foundation.

If we choose self-acceptance and practise intentional self-belief, we can live a life filled with genuine happiness, fulfilment, and a deep connection to ourselves, our loved ones and most importantly our creator.

Life is not greener on the other side. Life is green exactly where you are right now! So, make what you have now amazing! It’s a choice.

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