Once a year Ramadan comes around to help us create the most profound change in our lives, yet we miss the change. 

In this episode we look into using the Ramadan experience, not just for Ramadan, but for the entire year to transform your mental health.

What You’ll Learn in this Podcast:

  1. How to unlock the power of your mind. 
  2. The Ramadan experience beyond Ramadan.
  3. How to nurture your connection to Allah for a peaceful and fulfilled life. 
  4. Embracing change and taking charge of your life. 

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Creating the Ramadan Experience Every Month

The fundamental key to this is to understand and harness the power of the mind. We dive into how you can change your perspective, create stronger connections with those around you, and more importantly with Allah (swt), and take total charge of the direction of your life. 

The focus is on strengthening your connection to Allah, and the goal is to use the Ramadan experience and blessings to apply it into your daily life. 

Often, we solely focus on the spiritual aspects alone and the good feelings that we experience. Yet, we don’t realise the potential for this experience to become a lasting and sustainable change in our lives. 

The quality of your thoughts, emotions and  behaviours directly shape your experiences in life. Our mind governs our behaviour, emotional responses and the effects on our relationships. So, harnessing and understanding this fundamental key can help you to direct your thoughts and action towards positive outcomes.

It is in our ability & capacity to take charge of our mind and really transform our lives. The episode provides you with key principles that can be applied in your life.

Regardless of past experiences, mistakes, worries about the future uncertainties, positive change begins by making a conscious decision to grab hold of our mind and begin to steer it towards a more purpose driven and meaningful existence. 

Allah (swt) gave us the power to change our direction in life. He, (swt) did this by simply giving us this faculty of mind.

If you use this gift, you’re going to change your life. If you direct it to all of the things that help you to create amazing connections, give peace in life, and help create amazing relationships, you’re going to change your whole life and the lives of those around you inshAllah.

Your mind is the driving force of life. It is driving all your behaviours, driving the state of your professional progress & success. It’s driving the way that you connect to people, and whether you have good or bad relationships. 

However, this is not about blame, it’s about taking control. 

By taking this powerful message and applying it to your life, it will help you to direct your life in the way you want. You choose to shape your life the way you want, life doesn’t just happen to you. 

By embracing this you can transform your life from impossible to possible, from ordinary to extraordinary! 

In the Science of the Nafs, I always talk about this. This is a total science that is guaranteed to help you in every aspect of our life both personal and professional as it’s based on the Quran and Sunnah.

You’ve got to learn the pillars and the principles of a good life, and we do that through Revelation. 

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About the Author: Abdul Shahid – Master Coach Trainer & Therapist of Professional Life Coaches, pioneering The Science of the Nafs Psychology model for healing, transformation and peak performance. Specialist in Mind health, wealth and mastery using this Quran and sunnah based Spiritual Psychology.