isIn this episode, we explore the topic of self-doubt and how it can hinder our progress in life. We look at the power of shifting from doubt to confidence and how that leads you to create a life full of certainty, love and want. 

What You’ll Learn in this Podcast:

  1. Understanding the impact of doubt and the solution
  2. Allah’s promise: Always certain and never broken
  3. How to overcome self-doubt and lead a confident, fulfilling life.

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Self Doubt or Lack of Confidence – The Solution

We all experience doubts sometimes, even the people who on the outside seem super confident and self-assured. 

So, it’s not about never experiencing doubt, but being able to overcome it and not allowing it to block you from your goals is key. It will allow us space to do amazing things and live an inspirational  life.

Everyone in the world experiences some level of doubt. However, what separates us are those that are able to step up, and be willing to trust Allah. This willingness to step into our lives creates a life we’ll truly love, and others will aspire to.

The Quran is the constitution, and within it, you have the psychology, the spirituality, your connection with Allah, your relationships, you have everything you’ll ever need. 

We have the solution.

Doubt should not define us and if we allow doubt to block us, we will remain stuck in uncertainty. 

To overcome doubt, we need to replace doubt with certainty.

You can learn practical solutions on how to cultivate trust and certainty within yourself backed by the Hadith Qudsi which states,

 “ I am for my servant as he thinks of Me” 

A fundamental lesson you can take from this hadith is, how to prevent doubt from becoming a stumbling block in your life. The way to do it, is to rely on the only certainty there is, which is trusting  Allah. 

In this episode I share the journey of one of my students. She went from doubting herself and feeling fear to embracing the certainty in Allah’s plan, and she completely transformed herself & her life. 

The hope comes from when you are willing to trust Allah and when you’re willing to take the path that Allah sets about.

We can all do the same.

You can get over the intrusive thoughts, the doubts, the burnout, the anxiety, and the fear, no matter how many years you’ve struggled with it.

You can get over all of it, but you have to choose trust.

If you follow your doubts, you’re going to throw yourself into an oblivion of more doubts, and more questions, and you’re always going to be stuck because of that.

Imagine the positive impact on your life if you could overcome self-doubt, the Waswas, the nagging, the negative thoughts that cause uncertainty in your mind. 

Think about Musa (as) standing at the Red Sea with his followers. He had unwavering certainty and trust in Allah (swt) despite the doubts, fears, anxiety, and panic of his people. 

If you’re tired of the doubts holding you back and you want to unlock your potential, join us in the Nafs Coaching School. You will learn the practical tools and steps for self-mastery and living a fulfilling life. 

Join us on the journey of transformation. It is time that you step into certainty, step into your life, trust and create the life you deserve.

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