What you believe in yourself is determining your life.

This episode delves into the key to believing in yourself, the impact of self-belief on various aspects of life, including relationships, mental and physical health, wealth, career, and your spiritual connection. 

What You’ll Learn in this Podcast:

  1. Gems and Gold nuggets to fortify self-belief.
  2. Prevent risking all areas of your life, in order to play safe. 
  3. What it takes to be amazing and lead your life.

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Belief that Creates Certainty and Growth

Believing in yourself connects you to your future. It’s also the determining factor for your relationship with Allah (swt).

A lack of self-belief can lead to doubts, anxiety, and create an avalanche of uncertainty in your life.

We get overwhelmed with what’s happening and our fears of what’s about to happen in the future. However, the core fear and overwhelm can be tweaked and shifted very quickly when you’re willing to put into practice what I share with you in this Mini Masterclass.

Why is belief such an important thing?

If you think about it, your entrance to Jannah is dependent upon belief.

So the determination of your end is based on what you believe. 

If you take that and apply it to your life, you will find what you believe about yourself is the very thing that determines your results and how your life plays out. Self-belief is tied to the outcomes in your life. 

Many of us are ‘type A’ personalities. Really hard-working, super productive, and achieving goals and all the rest of it. 

Yet, often, we’re also continuously stuck in our lives with different challenges, and finding it difficult to overcome. 

There’s often a disconnect between our outer confidence and inner challenges.

In order to overcome that, one of the key pieces of that puzzle, the key to life itself is having a solid and fortified self-belief framework.

Without this, life can be filled with uncertainty, fear, and missed opportunities.

The problems that you would have normally solved remain unsolved, the things that you would have stepped into, you avoid. You’ll turn away from opportunities in your life because the lack of self-belief is the driving force behind your actions. 

Sometimes we don’t see it as a lack of self-belief and we may call it playing safe. However, that caution is often the cover for not believing in yourself. 

A workable solution to this problem can be found in two things.

It will help you to fortify and create self-assurance and self-belief, but only if you have these two things solidified at the foundation level.

First:  The key to self-belief is a willingness to embrace possibility.

It’s essential that you make a decision that you’re willing to believe in possibility.

Our inability to believe in the possibility, means we see a path with many potential opportunities as a dead end. We then put that down to the Qadr of Allah; the decree.

It’s not a divine decree because we have chosen to believe that it’s not possible. 

The minute it becomes a possibility in your mind, you’re able to nurture yourself upon these ideas of the possibility of change, the possibility of growth, the possibility of fixing a problem, the possibility of healing a situation.

Rectifying something that’s gone wrong, the possibility of healing from a bad relationship, the possibility of making a bad relationship an amazing one.

The minute you decide to believe in possibility, it opens up the horizon. 

Second: The key to self-belief is having your own back. 

The willingness to have your own back, to show up, and to be okay with yourself even when you make mistakes. 

Because, He; Azzawajal; knows that we’re going to make mistakes, that we’re going to fall, that we’re going to do the wrong things. 

Acknowledging, there’s always a way to come back. There’s always a way to rectify it. There’s always a way to heal, change, grow, and learn from it all. 

All it takes is being compassionate with yourself, showing up, and being okay with yourself, even in the face of mistakes.

If there’s a possibility, and you’re willing to step over fear and step into what you want, then you’re going to step forward into growth and development. 

Focusing on this over the next 12 months, with every challenge you’ve got, every obstacle, and every opportunity you’re presented with, you’ll grow beyond anything you can currently imagine. 

If you are willing to believe in yourself, you will become a leader in your own life. Self-lead leader in your life is so important for personal growth, a thriving family, and professional success.

It’s important to remember that these two fundamental skills will allow you to create whatever life you want. 

Drill it into your mind every single day, and do not step back, don’t look back, just go forward.

Remind yourself every single day. “I believe in myself; Alhamdulillah and Allah (swt) has got me and I’m going to be fine and do this.”

Embrace this journey of self-belief and growth. Belief in yourself opens doors to life’s opportunities.

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