This episode is about overcoming the fear of failure.

Many of us struggle with not achieving the goals that we set for ourselves. 

The worst thing is it affects our self-esteem, confidence, and our ability to create the life we want. 

What You’ll Learn in this Podcast:

  1. How to overcome failure. 
  2. Choosing commitment and happiness.
  3. Goal setting and feedback. 

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Overcoming Fears and Choosing Your Results

Goals are important if we want to live a purposeful life. Goals give us focus and something to work towards. 

Without it, we can feel unfulfilled and feel like our life has no direction. 

The main problem is that most people decide to fail right from the offset because they’re so scared about failure. 

But failure is the key to success. It’s about the type of failure we choose. 

The failure we don’t want to experience is the failure where people decide from the offset not to take action because they think they’re going to fail.

The kind of failure you want to embrace is the failure of experimentation. Where you’re trying out things. 

When I’m training my clients and my coaches, the number one thing that I focus on is embracing this type of failure because this is not true failure. 

We tell ourselves it’s a failure but it’s experimentation, we’re busy trying to figure it out.

And you’ve always got Allah (swt) supporting you, all the way. That’s your safety net.

You can never fail as long as you keep on trying. And if you keep on experimenting and trying, you’re going to find a way to make it happen. 


But you’ve also got to be real and try things in a different way or make changes. When you keep doing the same thing without making changes, that’s when you’re failing.

When things don’t work. it’s important to look at the feedback

Change things and experiment with things to figure it out. That’s how life works.

Be in the race to win it.

If you’re not in the race, you’re not going to win it, and there will even be no second or third place.

The key is to feel good about yourself right from the offset. Be excited about your journey today. 

It’s about getting excited about your life. It’s about the way you think about your life today. 

If you tell yourself, you can’t handle it, life’s so hard and it’s so difficult, then your life is going to feel like that. 

But if you tell yourself the opposite, that you can totally handle it, that you have the support of Ar Rahman who’s always been merciful to you, and you have everything you need now, then you’re going to find lots of things in your life to be grateful about right now. 

The struggle is just a part of the game. 

You have to be committed to today.

Choose to be happy, to be grateful, and to take action.

Choose to be disciplined in committing to yourself, to your life, and committing to Allah(swt). 

If you do that, every year is a success.

You have to be committed to making things happen and stop being committed to making failures happen.

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