Emotional rollercoasters and negative thought patterns. Why do we experience these? In this podcast episode, I tell you why and how you can take charge and reprogramme your mind to create the life you want. 

What You’ll Learn in this Podcast:

  1. How to Reprogramme Your Mind. 
  2. Inner contentment: Tuma’ninah.
  3. Science of the Nafs: Spirituality, Mind and Body connection

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Reprogram and Rebuild The Easy Way

The first question to ask is, Who are you?

Think about your identity when you answer this. But I’ll tell you who you’re not.

You are not your thoughts. You are the observer of your thoughts.

As Allah(swt) tells us, you are the Nafs. There are different states of the Nafs but you are the Nafs, the person.

So remember, you are not your thoughts, but if you believe you are your thoughts, you have a real problem. 

Problems with stress and anxiety, problems with depression, all of these things can be routed back to how we’re experiencing our thoughts.

Thoughts are just the content of the mind and your feelings come together with those thoughts. So if you have a happy feeling, you can guarantee there’s a happy thought in there. 

The connection is that thoughts create feelings and feelings become the driver or motivation behind one’s behaviour. 

Feelings influence behaviour. For example, negative feelings often lead to avoidance behaviour. 

If you have a negative feeling about yourself, you might focus on keeping yourself busy with other people and constantly keeping your mind distracted, so that you don’t have to focus on yourself. 

The minute you start focusing on yourself, you start having that negative feeling. 

You remember all the things you haven’t done and you start bashing yourself for not following through.

So to avoid all of that, people get busy indulging in other things and they keep themselves distracted. 

Now, the thoughts are what create the feelings that become your motivation or your demotivation, your sadness, happiness, fear, or anxiety. 

And from this, it’s like a chemical reaction happens because the physical sensations you feel in your body are directly connected to your feelings. 

This is how we experience life. This is what we understand as the Science of the Nafs. 

The Science of the Nafs is a science of the person, the human mind, and the body. And this is directly connected to your spiritual state. 

If you don’t feel spiritually connected to Allah(swt), then you’re constantly looking to fill that gap. 

Happiness, contentment, joy, tranquillity, and inner peace all come from the spiritual connection and having a calm state of psychological well-being. 

Allah (swt) refers to this inner contentment that we’re always looking for as Tuma’ninah.

We all need this and it’s rolled into the Science of the Nafs. That’s the tool I use when I’m coaching and working with my clients.

We need the medicine of the soul, the mind, and the body. 

Without it, there’s an imbalance in our lives and we struggle because of it. 

Understanding and applying these principles can lead to optimal well-being. It’s like a roadmap leading us to become the best versions of ourselves. 

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